On Heat (Professionals story by M. Fae Glasgow)

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You may be looking for the Pros story by Sebastian On Heat.

Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: On Heat
Author(s): M. Fae Glasgow
Date(s): 1990
Length: 7 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: online here

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On Heat is a Bodie/Doyle Professionals story written by M. Fae Glasgow.

It was published in Pæan to Priapus #2 and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

M. Fae Glasgow is, of course, one of the "classic" Pros writers, and no recs list would be complete without her on it. She is, simply, a fabulous writer. And this story is purely, purely about sex. Isn't it? And last but not least – oh, see Doyle walk! [1]
I'm fond of both of the On Heat stories, though I also much prefer Sebastian's. To me, Sebastian has the ability to evoke a depth of emotion that creates a rich Persian carpet of layers and colours and texture, with a pile that can be sunk into and luxuriated in. MFae is often flatter to my senses, skating more on the surface, a pileless rug, contained and intricate, but significantly different in nuance. Her characters aren't superficial, but they don't give me quite the same sense of full-bodiedness. [2]
A sex-exuding Doyle happily goes to Bodie for their first sex, which becomes unexpectedly fraught when things turn out to be different from what Doyle thought.

I see this story as a fascinating reversal of the situation in MFae's All You Need is Love (see my comments here). In On Heat, Doyle wants, and is expecting, only happy-making sex...but Bodie throws a spanner in the works with an inadvertent reveal. Both stories leave the outcome up in the air, but I have no trouble projecting my favoured future scenario onto each!

What I love most about On Heat is Bodie's fumbling awkwardness to please Doyle, and Doyle's tenderness when the situation shifts into unexpected territory. [3]


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