Omicron Ceti III (newsletter)

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Title: Omicron Ceti III
Publisher: the fan club Omicron Ceti III
Editor(s): Lyn Veryzer and Estelle Sanders, then Renee Isenstadt and Carol Lee
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction, Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Omicron Ceti III is a science fiction and Star Trek: TOS newsletter published by the fan club Omicron Ceti III.

V.2 N.1

Omicron Ceti III V.2 N.1 was published March 1969 and contains 3 pages. It was published by Lyn Veryzer and Estelle Sanders.

first page of V.2 N.1

October saw Estelle and Lyn attend the ICRC On in NYC at the Edison Hotel. This was a must for clubs and fan club representatives for Leonard Nimoy, co-star of STAR TREK, and she gave a Nimoy display and accepted a trophy for him. Due to some confusion in the program, she did not get to read LN's acceptance speech. She also had as her guest for Omicron at the ICFC banquet, Humbert Allen Astredo who has been playing the role of Nicholas Blair, warlock on the daytime serial DARK SHADOWS.

Non-attending members, Dale Kagan, Sue Scott, and Sara Fensterer handled all of the publicity for Mr. Astredo and formed the reception committee for him at the banquet.

Also present and very much in the limelight was Dr. Raymond Buckland, who gave his lecture and showed slides on Witchcraft for a select audience in the Floral Room of the Hotel Edison. This was followed by a timely Christopher Lee Dracula movie.

Vice president Estelle Sanders represented Omicron admirably at the ICFC exhibit and was mistaken for TV's "Endora" at least a dozen times. (Always wondered by she never went up in the elevator with the rest of us.)

December saw a Christmas party at Larry Passalaqua's home. Ted and Jean Engel showed the best movies from past SF conventions dear to the heart of all us dyed in the "Wool SF fans.

Convention is a magic word! Saw all our fond and famous - Ellison, Asimov, well, need we go on? The fashions of the future segment brought out all the men's eyes and damn near boggled their minds.

We saw ourselves at masquerade balls and either cringed, laughed or proudly smiled.

Dancing after, and Naomi Postal gave us a rendition of the sexiest Charleston we ever saw! Watch 'er Julius, she's a ring-a-ding!

A friend of mine just led me to an interesting observation. Upon trying to identify a guest at one of our meetings, I mentioned that he was was colored. My friend said "Is that so? Interesting, you see I'm color blind and can't tell." Which led me to the observation that this colored chap looked just like a human being (sic) just like you and you and you!

Don't know if you're interested, but I'm going to L.A. Hope to visit Gene Roddenberry, Rick Carter and Forry Ackerman. Geologists predict an earthquake at the approximate time I plan to be there, so if I'm LUCKY ENUF, I'll bring you back a first-hand report!

V.2 N.2

Omicron Ceti III V.2 N.2 was published June 1969 and is a single page. It was published by Lyn Veryzer and Estelle Sanders.

first page of V.2 N.2

LYN VERYZER, our noble president, because of commitments to her new job (lousy hours and lousier days off!) finds it impossible to keep up with her responsibilities for O.C. 3 and regretfully finds it necessary to step down as President. The Banner has been picked up and will be carried forward by RENEE ISENSTADT, another noble lady. -

Thank you very much, Renee. Lyn, Estelle, and the rest of us are greatly relieved that OMICRON CETI 3 will continue in such capable bands.

The next meeting of OMICRON CETI 3 will be held on this irregular date this one time as a FAREWELL PARTY for Estelle. We look forward to a big turnout. Meeting will be held at Estelle's apartment.... JOHN BOARDMAN will give a talk on: "GEORGE, JOHANN & EINRICH FAUST". John is great, and this is one of his goodies, and the "Devil" with you if you don't make it!

V.2 N.3

Omicron Ceti III V.2 N.3 was published October 1969 and contains 2 pages. It was published by Lyn Veryzer and Estelle Sanders.

first page of V.2 N.3
RINGS ON THEIR FINGERS: A Vulcan salute and much happiness to LYN VERYZER and DWIGHT HALL, officers emeritus who exchanged nuptial vows on August ninth. Prior to their marriage Lyn served as the club's president while Dwight held the post of sergeant at arms.... While Lyn's new job keeps her from attending meetings regularly, she says that both she and Dwight would like to see their fellow Omicronians again. We all look forward to meeting the newlyweds real soon.

ON THE MOVE: ESTELLE SANDERS, our former vice president, is now settled in California and would like very much to hear from her old friends. Why not drop her a line at her new address?

BLESSED EVENT: Congratulations to MR. and MRS. AL SCHUSTER who became the proud parents of a baby girl on August 2. Can't wait to see the photos!

FUN AND FROLIC: July's barbecue got off to a big splash at the ISENSTADTs' on August 3 after being rained out the night before. This time nearly everyone kept cool in the backyard pool, including PERDITA BOARDMAN who jumped in with no suit on — that is, she wore a sweater and shorts instead.

Burgers, franks and cremated (?) marshmallows filled the grill, not to mention RENES's lip-smackin' baked beans and other goodies.

JOHN BOARDMAN managed to read an entire book in between eating and commenting on everything in general, i.e.: -- If Venus went to war with Mars tomorrow, the President would find a reason for making a commitment..."

AL SCHUSTER fell asleep in the most remarkable position on a chaise lounge but awoke long enough to order a raucous neighbor to "Stop beating the dog I" He was promptly told: "That’s not the dog, it’s my wife!"

Just before JEAN and TED ENGEL left, a great chair hunt ensued as guests tried to decide which green folding chair belonged to whom.

V.3 N.1

Omicron Ceti III V.3 N.1 was published January 1970 and contains 2 pages. It was published by Renee Isenstadt and Carol Lee.

first page of V.3 N.1
Howdy pardner! How're you Easterners doin'? The SCF scene here is just great. Although ghod knows I miss all of you. Got a great treat the other day. Went to a party given by Bjo & John Trimble. All the great and near great were there. George Barr, Fritz Leiber, Ed Cox, Mike Moorcock, Forry Ackerman (who, by the way, sends a Vulcan salute to Lt. Alura — Lyn Hall!). Aside to Lyn: He said "Give her a kiss on both cheeks for me and wish she and Dwight much happiness!" Further down the line I'll tell you about the treasured experience I had when I visited his home. Also at the party were Richard E. Gels, Harlan Ellison, June Moffatt, Dick Sneary, ad infinitum. The shindig was given to honor Eddie Jones, great fan artist from England.

HARLAN ELLISON advises that he has sworn off attending any more fandom conventions. Harlan, who is really a great guy (and aside: whose apartment here in San Fernando Valley looks like a combination of something out of Playboy and Esquire). I guess has had a bellyful of all the brickbats and poisoned darts flung in his direction. But Harlan, you let yourself be such a great target

BILL ROSTLER is giving a swinging costume party next month. You have your choice of corning as a Roman, an Arabian or a nude! No other choices. Aw c'mon, Dick, don't be a square — let's go.

I visited FORRY ACKERMAN'S home which is a fabulous and extensive collection of "monstericana". His collection is a veritable museum of scripts & illusory figures used in monster movies. He has in his collection things like the ape figure of King Kong, the church bell tower used in the "Hunchback of Notre Dame," the heads used by the "Seven Faces of Dr. Lau," knives, guns, masks, all the accoutrements used to create successful horror fliras. He was a great personal friend of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. He has received many honors and is a great human being with a great deal of personal humility. A tremendous Vulcan salute to the Great Forry Ackerman.

The sky was clear and the air crisp with frost, perfect conditions for star gazing which kicked off OC3's Chanukah Party last month in the Isenstadt's home.

True to his promise, Joe had the six-inch reflector telescope set up in the backyard and when this was announced members dashed out the door as though Red Alert had sounded! The excitement was well founded, however. Not only were stars visible but also Saturn, which turned out to be the highlight of the occasion.

Everyone then warmed up with Joe’s apricot sours and Renee's piping hot hors d'oeuvres which included mini-knishes, pizza egg rolls (really!), and a delicious new treat called "hot flip sticks".

This set the stage for a lively debate between John Boardman, Julius Postal, Gene DeFelice and Joe over whether or not there is life similar to ours in other parts of the galaxy. Appropriately enough, this was accompanied by the music from "2001," which is quite an experience if you've never listened to the album, seen the film, or heard the debate for that matter.

December must be knitting month for femmefans. The instant everyone sat down, Perdita, Naomi and Renee pulled out the wool and stitched away. Naomi finished a tweed beret, Perdita worked on her red vest while Renee displayed a white sweater she was making for one of her boys and a vest she was crocheting.

V.3 N.2

Omicron Ceti III V.3 N.2 was published March 1970 and contains 2 pages. It was published by Renee Isenstadt and Carol Lee.

first page of V.3 N.2
  • a review of: "I Sing the Body Electric" by Ray Bradbury
  • a review of: "Death Star Voyage" by Ian Wallace
  • "The Eclipse: One Family's Impression" by Joe Isenstadt (description of a total solar eclipse, viewed in Virginia Beach, VA)

V.3 N.3

Omicron Ceti III V.3 N.3 was published April 1970 and contains 2 pages. It was published by Renee Isenstadt and Carol Lee.

first page of V.3 N.3
  • Lucacon: A Backward Look, con report by Joe Isenstadt ("Anne McCaffrey arrived but was content to be surrounded by the whirling crowd and a 14 pound cape. [snipped] the editors' forum, who from their position of authority, they were sitting on a platform higher than the audience, felt it their duty to attack the establishment from Lindsay to the scientific world. They finally stopped to allow Isaac Asimov to attack Harlan Ellison and Harlan Ellison to attack Issac Asimov. Incidentally, Harlan reminded us that he would never attend another con. The evening was touched off by an invitation to me to a meeting of the "First Fandom." Yes, children, I am that old , despite my youthful appearance.")