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Fan Club
Name: Omicron Ceti III (also spelled "Omicron Ceti 3" and "Omicron Ceti Three" and "O.C. 3")
Dates: 1968-?
Leadership: Lyn Veryzer (until June 1969) then Renee Isenstadt
Country based in: New York, US
Focus: Star Trek: TOS, Dark Shadows, and science fiction
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Omicron Ceti III was a very early Star Trek and SF fan club.

One of its members was Sherna Comerford, and this fan club is the birthplace of the first Star Trek: TOS skit, Spock Shock.

The club published a newsletter called Omicron Ceti III.


A blurb in " Plak-Tow" #2 (January 1968):

This is a science fiction club with the special interest of Star Trek and Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock. Monthly meetings are held. Membership, 15 fans. Current project, the "Save Star Trek" campaign. Possible future projects, a Star Trek play or films. First meeting to be held this month.

A blurb in " Plak-Tow" #5 (February 1968):

An s-f club with the special interest of SF. Its meetings are held the last Saturday of each month at [address redacted] at the home of Estelle Sanders. The club now has a newsletter (available for 20 cents and a 6 cent stamp, from Estelle). Current project is to get an ST play onstage by summer. Play by Sherna Comerford. (Watch the credits.) [1]

A blurb in " Plak-Tow" #9 (August 1968):

Work is in progress on a journal. A fund-raising barbecue was held and was very successful. More such activities are planned for next summer, and perhaps a small convention for members who live too far away to attend regularly, in '69. Contact Lyn for time and place of next meeting of this s-f and ST club.

A blurb in " Plak-Tow" #13 (March 1969):

A s-f club which holds meetings, interested in ST and Dark Shadows. Meetings held the last Saturday of every month. Dues $2 for attending members, $1 for non-attending, plus four 60 stamps. Newsletters (primarily for attending members) are 20 cents plus stamp. March newsletter tells of the fan club convention last October, where club members had a LNNAF exhibit, accepted a trophy for Leonard Nimoy, and had as their guest Humbert Allen Astredo of DS.

Who's in Charge

Early on:

  • President: Lyn Veryzer
  • Vice President: Estelle Sanders
  • Secretary: Carol Lee
  • Treasurer: Larry Passalaqua
  • Program & Publicity: Raymond Buckland
  • Sergeant at Arms: Dwight Hall


  • President: Renee Isenstadt
  • Vice President: Joe Isenstadt
  • Secretary: Carol Lee

LYN VERYZER, our noble-president, because of commitments to her new job (lousy hours and lousier days off!) finds it impossible to keep up with her responsibilities for O.C. 3 and regretfully finds it necessary to step down as President. The Banner has been picked up and will be carried forward by RENEE ISENSTADT, another noble lady. -

Thank you very much, Renee. Lyn, Estelle, and the rest of us are greatly relieved that OMICRON CETI 3 will continue in such capable bands. [2]


  1. ^ This play is likely Spock Shock.
  2. ^ from Omicron Ceti III v.2 n.2