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Spock Shock was the name of the very first media convention skit. It was by Sherna Comerford and performed at in 1969 at the Star Trek Con.

The text of the skit was published in Spockanalia #1 in 1967, and then in the 1969 Con Booklet.

As mentioned in a blurb about the fan club Omicorn Ceti III, the play itself was looking for a stage home as early as February 1968. From Plak-Tow #5:
An s-f club with the special interest of SF. Its meetings are held the last Saturday of each month at [address redacted] at the home of Estelle Sanders. The club now has a newsletter (available for 20 cents and a 6 cent stamp, from Estelle). Current project is to get an ST play onstage by summer. Play by Sherna Comerford. (Watch the credits.)

The Original Cast

From the 1969 Con Booklet:
Cast - Capt. Curt, Ron Bounds; Mr. Swock, Chuck Rein; Lt. Alura, Nara Sangster; Spott, Flit & Dr. McA, Brian Burley; Solo, Allan Asherman; Chorus, anyone we can rope into it see wearing a uniform; Recording, Sherna Burley.

Production Notes

From the 1969 Con Booklet:

This is to be produced by Chuck Rein on two weeks notice, and the entire cast can't get together until the day of the con. *Sigh* (Any suggestions for handling the storm effects? My taper will be busy recording.)

Some Description

A fan gives a first hand account of the play:
The final event of the afternoon was a comical dramatisation of a satire entitled "Spock Shock" which first appeared in "Spockanalia #1." Once again. Chuck Rein's portrayal of Mr. Spock (or Mr. Swock as he is called in the skit) came off beautifully, from Spock's manner of speech right down to his walk and gestures. But how Chuck ever learned to raise ONE eyebrow still remains a fascinating mystery. [1]


As Published in 1967

From Spockanalia:

As Published in 1969

From the 1969 con booklet:


  1. from Anti-Matter #3 in March 1969