Spock Shock (skit)

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Spock Shock was the name of the very first media convention skit. It was by Sherna Comerford and performed at in 1969 at the Star Trek Con.

The skit was published in Spockanalia #1 in 1967.

A fan gives a first hand account of the play:
The final event of the afternoon was a comical dramatisation of a satire entitled "Spock Shock" which first appeared in "Spockanalia #1." Once again. Chuck Rein's portrayal of Mr. Spock (or Mr. Swock as he is called in the skit) came off beautifully, from Spock's manner of speech right down to his walk and gestures. But how Chuck ever learned to raise ONE eyebrow still remains a fascinating mystery. [1]



  1. from Anti-Matter #3 in March 1969