Old Spice Kinkmeme Anthology

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Title: Old Spice Kinkmeme Anthology
Podfic Artist(s): paraka
Cover Artist: paraka
Date(s): June 4, 2011
Length: ~21:18 minutes
File: mp3 and m4b
Based On: multiple
Author: multiple
Fandom: Old Spice/Multiple Fandoms
External Links: anthology available at the AudioFic archive;

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Old Spice Kinkmeme Anthology is a podfic anthology, a collection of podfic stories recorded by stargate_sg1sg, paraka and kronos999 and covering a wide range of authors. The stories were written as part of the oldspice_kinkmeme and all are based on the Old Spice TV commercials.

The collection consists of 16 stories. Because the stories were part of a kinkmeme, most are listed anonymously. Paraka wrote: "Normally I don't think anything of women reading men's character's but something about Old Spice made me want a man to read it, so I bribed my cousin stargate_sg1sg1 into reading most of this for me."

The complete listing of stories, summaries and fandoms can be read here.[1]

Fandoms/Pairings: Old Spice (Old Spice Man/ladies, gen), American Politics RPF (gen), Firefly (gen), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (gen), Psych (gen), Feminist Hulk (gen), Feminism RPF (gen), Stargate Atlantis (John/Rodney), White Collar (gen), Watchmen (gen), Marvel universe (gen), Good Omens (gen)


  • 1. Intro (no link) written by paraka (Old Spice/Podfic)
  • 2. Common Scents written by anonymous (Old Spice/American Politics RPF)
  • 3. Hello Space Smugglers written by [personal profile] happydork (Old Spice/Firefly)
  • 4. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice)
  • 5. A Call to Arms written by anonymous (Old Spice)
  • 6. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • 7. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice)
  • 8. Untitled written by [personal profile] kristin (Old Spice/Psych)
  • 9. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Feminist Hulk/Feminism RPF)
  • 10. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Stargate Atlantis)
  • 11. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/White Collar)
  • 12. Rorschach's Journal, August 12 written by anonymous (Old Spice/Watchmen)
  • 14. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Marvel Universe)
  • 15. and darkness was upon the face of the deep written by anonymous (Old Spice/... I'll be honest, I don't actually know what fandom this is a crossover with. The prompt for it was "Brilliance")
  • 16. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Good Omens)


  • "This was awesome! XD And I loved the idea of making an anthology out of a comment-fic meme. <3 Great job and idea!"[2]


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