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Synonyms: colophon
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Okuzuke (奥付け, okuzuke) literally means "colophon". In the context of doujinshi, the okuzuke is a set of identifying information about the doujinshi's creator(s) that is usually contained on the last page of the book.

Circles who print their doujinshi themselves are fairly free to choose what identifying information they will provide. Doujinshi printing companies generally require circles to include the name of the printing company, the name of the circle, the name of the individual doujinka responsible for the work, and contact information.[1] Today, this contact information is usually an e-mail address and/or a website URL or pixiv ID. Before the internet came along, contact information frequently consisted of a fan's real postal addresses, name, and/or or telephone numbers.[2] Because such detailed personal information can be used to out a fan, preserving older doujinshi is often a sensitive issue.

Warnings about not putting the doujinshi up for online auction or scanning it in are contained in many doujinshi, and may or may not be in the same place as the okuzuke.



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