Octaves of the Heart Interview with Deb Nockels

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Octaves of the Heart Interview with Deb Nockels
Interviewer: Octaves of the Heart
Interviewee: Deb Nockels
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Buffyverse
External Links: online here; archive link
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Octaves of the Heart Interview with Deb Nockels is posted at the Buffy website Octaves.

For others in this series, see Octaves of the Heart Interview Series.


I rarely watch television, so it was a big deal when I read about an offbeat show on the WB called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My Science Fiction Book Club catalog featured a few excerpts from The Watcher's Guide, Vol. 1 that definitely intrigued me. I ordered the book, loved what I read, and started watching the program in the spring of 2000, just in time to see Angel leave Sunnydale - and Buffy Summers. Deja vu. Well, for the first time in at least five years I was inspired to write fanfic again, so I did. So far that creative impulse hasn't died, and I hope it won't for a long time yet.
I started writing fanfic around 1990, when I fell in love with the star-crossed lovers in TV's Beauty & the Beast (starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton). Of course, I discovered the show just as the writers killed off Linda Hamilton's character (stupid, stupid!), and the show was cancelled later that season. Great timing.