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Newsletter Community
Name: OBHWF Weekly
Date(s): 03 February 2006 - present
Moderator: mkesa, julieweasely, ladywhizbee, and xxx_angelin_xxx
Founder: __spilled__ink
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: obhwf-weekly on LiveJournal
OBHWF Weekly community banner.

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OBHWF Weekly is a weekly Harry Potter newsletter "mainly dedicated to various romantic pairings within the Weasley family," focusing on the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny canon pairings.

The OBHWF Weekly team includes __spilled__ink, mkesa, julieweasely, ladywhizbee, xxx_angelin_xxx, g3smaps, midnight_birth, hpuckle.


Every posting by the maintainers will include the following categories:

News: News pertaining to JKR, the actors that portray the characters in the films, or anything else news-related to the characters in OBHWF.
Discussion: Essays, parodies, movie/book reviews.
Searches and Activities: New communities, community news, users searching for topics related to OBHWF, etc.
Art: Any form of art (drawings, icons, manips, etc.) related to OBHWF.
Fic: Well-written stories, drabbles, poems, etc. related to OBHWF.
From The Vault: Old favorites (art, fic, etc.) related to OBWHF.
Editor's Pick: A favorite fic, fan art or essay chosen by one of the maintainers.[1]

Linked fanworks are usually Weasley-centric gen or contain one or more of the following pairings:[2]


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