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Name: Nux
Occupation: War Boy
Relationships: Capable/Nux, Nux/Slit
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
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Nux is a character in 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road. Although initially part of the war party hunting the film's protagonists, he switches sides after meeting Capable, and sacrifices himself to ensure her - and the other women's - survival.

In Canon

Like the other members of the War Boy death cult, Nux is a "half life" and knowing that he doesn't have long to live, is desperate to prove himself and die gloriously, which he believes will guarantee him a sort of immortality. He has two visible tumors, named Larry and Barry, which cause him pain and probably the reason he needs blood-transfusions.

Young and relatively friendly, Nux is quick to help his "blood bag," an angry Max Rockatansky, and is seemingly surprised when Max turns on him. Nux is smart and resourceful, getting the closet to actually capturing Furiosa and the other women, and after he joining them proves himself to be a valuable team member. Furiosa describes him and Max as being "reliable."

Nux is as much a victim of Joe’s death cult as any woman. He is terminally ill, painfully ignorant of the world, and spends most of the film getting punched in the face by someone or other. He has the capacity for sacrifice and even sweetness, although this is not a world where romantic love can survive for long. Most of the characters in Fury Road have clear precedents in science fiction and fantasy. Nux is something rare: the redeemable feminist ally as hero.[1]

I think that, as childish as the War Boys seem (and they are childish), Nux has his shit together a lot more than people give him credit for. He’s driving a pursuit vehicle, has a subordinate who reports to him, is important enough that the Organic Mechanic lets him take a universal donor who could benefit the entire War Boy community until he dies and strap him to the front of his car to presumably die on Nux’s funeral pyre. -And Nux Was the One Receiving a Blood Transfusion [2]

In Fandom

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Cinnamon Roll
Nux is easily interpreted as being sweet, and some fans refer to him as a "cinnamon roll." Josh Helman, who played Nux's partner Slit, called him "Nuxy Wuxy."[3]

Notice Me Sempai

Sick Nux

While all War Boys are considered "half life," that is, not expected to have a normal life span due to illness, Nux in particular is shown to be sick. Fanworks that explore this aspect of his character occasionally define his illness as a cancer of some sorts.




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