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Name: Capable
Relationships: Angharad/Capable, Capable/Nux, Capable/Nux/Slit
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
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Capable is a character in 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road.


Along with four other young women, Capable escapes from imprisonment in the harem of the tyrant Immortan Joe. She befriends Nux, a soldier in Joe's cult/army, and Nux repays her kindness by sacrificing himself to give her a path to safety.

Caring and considerate, Capable is greatly affected by Angharad's death, which might be the reason she was willing to extend a peace offering to Nux.


Capable is occasionally portrayed as mothering the group of women, with an emphasis on her willingness to listen and forgive, trying to help other people through their own trauma. In post-Citadel stories, she is often in charge of some part of the new society: either helping with the War Pups and remaining War Boys, taking over in the organic mechanic's shop, or helping to rebuild infrastructure.

Her relationship with Nux is often expanded on in fanfic and fanart, and many pieces that focus on her also feature the Capable/Nux ship.



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