None So Blind (Star Trek: TOS story by Anne Rowland)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: None So Blind
Author(s): Anne Rowland
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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None So Blind is a Kirk/Spock story by Anne Rowland.

It was published in the print zine And Another K/S Zine, reprinted from King Grope.


"Both Spock and Kirk desire a relationship with the other but both are afraid of saying anything."

Reactions and Reviews


A clever merging of fantasy and reality makes this story a favourite of mine.[1]


Ann Snell's "None So Blind" is rather more serious, dealing as it does with a growing sexual attraction between Kirk and Spock. Those readers who find its premise "illogical" would do well to consider the function of pair-bonding in human warrior societies. The story is smoothly written, and its attention to psychological detail makes it easily the best in the zine. Best by conventional lit-crit standards, that is. [2]
It is a little confusing at first until we realise that Kirk is dreaming (I wish I could have dreams to order, like this one) but there is an interesting twist at the end when Spock muses on how he and his father are "not like other Vulcan males", or so he thinks. [3]


Captains get lonely in spite of their reputations – lonely and melancholy as Anne Rowland puts it in “None So Blind”. This is a very nice look at JTK and the complexity of his character. It begins with a little interlude at poolside and explores Kirk’s thoughts as compared to his outward words and interaction with Spock. What he wants to say and what he says are divergent and this is told in a most realistic and believable way. There is good insight into Spock’s persona as well. Coming to terms with what they feel for each other is not going to be easy. This author did an excellent job in a few pages of portraying their feelings and their inner turmoil over expressing them.[4]


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