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Pairing: Nick Nelson/Charlie Spring
Alternative name(s): Narlie
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Heartstopper
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Common
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Nick Nelson/Charlie Spring is the largest canon pairing in the Heartstopper fandom.


Nick and Charlie are the main characters of both the webcomic and TV series.


The Nick/Charlie pairing is the most popular pairing in the fandom and their relationship makes up a considerable amount of fandom-based discussion. While there was a fan-base for the pairing from the webcomics, the fandom grew considerably when the webcomic became a Netflix show.

In Centreoftheselights AO3 Ship Stats 2023, Nick/Charlie was in the top 100 pairings for the year for the first time at 40th and as of October 2023, there are 4,785 works with the pairing tag of Archive of Our Own.

Fan Commentary

i need to say this and i need to say it now. something about how nick nelson says "i love liking you" to charlie means a lot more than just "i like you" and i'll tell ya why there are too many pieces of queer media that have the character hating the fact that they like the love interest. just straight up despising it. nick doesn't do that- he actively enjoys having a crush on charlie and wanting to be his boyfriend and it makes my heart so fucking warm oh my god

mistarover [1]

one of the things i love about nick and charlie is how much they just genuinely like each other. and i’m not even talking romantically, i just mean how much they truly enjoy spending time with each other and how much fun they have together even before they’re a couple. it’s obvious from their first interactions that they bring each other so much joy and that hanging out with each other makes them both so happy. it’s a huge part of what makes their relationship so strong because it was built on this genuine connection and grew from such a pure friendship that was a bright spot in both of their lives and i can’t wait to see more of their dynamic in season 2

princebuttercups [2]

Common Tropes and Fanon

  • Post-Canon or Aged-Up Characters - Many fanworks focus either on Charlie and Nick's relationship in adulthood or on AUs where they meet in adulthood instead of at school .


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