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Name: Mushishi, 蟲師
Creator: Yuki Urushibara
Date(s): November 1999 – August 25, 2008
Medium: manga, anime, live-action movie
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Official Manga Website, Official Anime Website, Entry on the manga and on the anime at ANN's Encyclopedia
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Mushi-shi began as a ten-volume manga series set in a fictional time between the Edo and Meiji eras in Japan and centered around the adventures of a wandering mushi master, Ginko, as he tries to help people who are impacted negatively by the mushi. Mushi are mysterious beings. Neither good nor evil, they are more primitive than micro-organisms, yet can have profound effects on the natural world.

The manga was adapted into a two-season anime series, a few special extended episodes, and a live-action movie.


The series has a fairly quiet English fanbase. On Tumblr most fans celebrate the show via GIFs and by making fanart. This art is almost always focused on Ginko, who is often depicted with at least one kind of mushi. The fic output in English is quite small on AO3.[1] Most of the fics are gen, with a small minority of slash and het works. Nearly all the shippy fics include Ginko, who is most often paired with Adashino, the male doctor.

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  • Shining Silver, Shining Gold by opalmatrix Tanyû has things her own way for Obon
  • Dust and Bones by 7PhoenixAshes A Mushi-shi and a medicine seller take refuge in a remote mountain village—a village whose inhabitants are vanishing one by one into the night, and where a horror of the villagers' own making waits in the valley below.




  1. ^ English-language works currently make up 157 out of 184 works in the fandom. Archive of Our Own. (Accessed 02 July 2020.)