Multiple Choice

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Title: Multiple Choice
Creator: Wombat
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: online
Fandom: The Sentinel
Topic: tropes
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Multiple Choice by Wombat is a satirical multiple choice quiz poking fun at tropes in The Sentinel.


"'The more confused among you may sometimes wonder as you skim the Sentinel Slash archives - exactly what kind of Sentinel slash story am I reading? I admit to being extremely confused when the first Senslash story I ever read was one where Blair turned out to be some kind of evil government agent assigned to kidnap Jim, who spent most of the rest of the story under heavy sedation and in five point restraints having hideous experiments carried out on him. Not having ever seen the actual programme this left me in a state of great puzzlement, similar to the kind of thing a novice X-files slasher must have felt upon tuning into the genre in the middle of the now notorious eggbeater challenge. ("So all X-files slash has to be five hundred words long? And Mulder always has to put the eggbeater... that's disgusting!") This was also particularly confusing to me, since over here in sunny England eggbeaters usually have two whisks and a kind of complicated gear attachment at the top, which also made it to all intents and purposes physically impossible, or at the very least extremely painful. Not to mention unhygienic, although that probably goes without saying. But I digress..."


Location. The bulk of the story is set in:

a) The loft or Jim's office. Sometimes the guys go out shopping, go to nice restaurants or chase bad guys down in abandoned buildings. There is also the occasional alley for having shoot-outs in.

b) The bedroom, a run-down motel, the back seat of Jim's truck, quiet forest glades which rarely stay that way for long.

c) On board the Titanic, in the Peruvian jungle, in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, in Victorian London. Anywhere, really, except the version of late 20th century Cascade where Jim is a cop and Blair is an anthropologist.

d) The ER, the intensive care ward, the therapist's office, prison visiting room.

e) Sitting in the back row of the movies on a Saturday night, under the boardwalk, living it up between the moon and New York City, sweet home Chicago, on a blanket on the ground, 24 hours from Tulsa, back on the chain gang etc. etc.

Jim is wearing:

a) A shirt, jeans, sleeveless vests, typical undercover cop stuff.

b) As little as possible.

c) Plate mail, leather and chains, a space suit, a sarong, primitive furs - whatever.

d) A grim and unhappy expression.

e) Blue Jeans. Occasionally Camouflage. However tends to spend Nights in White Satin.

Blair is wearing

a) Jeans, a t-shirt, typical student gear. Clothing woven by the ethnic Indians of South America. Sometimes he borrows some of Jim's stuff. However, the nipple ring is obligatory. Herbal shampoo also seems to be a constant.

b) As little as possible. Except the nipple ring, obviously.

c) Plate mail, leather and chains, a space suit, a sarong, primitive furs - whatever. Oh yeah, and the nipple ring.

d) Bruises, contusions, plaster casts, an unhappy expression and the nipple ring.

e) A raspberry beret. Otherwise The Full Monty. And the nipple ring. Does Blair actually have a nipple ring? Has anyone seen it?"