Multifandom Drabble

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Gift Exchange
Name: Multifandom Drabble
Abbreviation: MFD
Date(s): 2016-present
Runs: Summer, sometimes twice
Moderator(s): scribblemyname, LittleRaven, wafflelate, ashling
Founder: scribblemyname, meme_inspired
Type: handmatched
Scope: drabbles
Fandom: multifandom
URL: imzy (2016 round)
AO3 (all future rounds)
Dreamwidth (all future rounds)
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Multifandom Drabble is a handmatched multifandom gift exchange where participants write drabbles, including double drabbles, triple drabbles, and drabble series. Participants nominate fandoms and sign up with both request and offer details so that they can be matched by the mod.


The rules on Dreamwidth always mention this at the start:

The Multifandom Drabble Exchange was originally conceived of as a simple low-stress way to test the Imzy platform for running gift exchanges. While Imzy is now gone, our love for drabbles remains. So here we are again.

The 2016 round on Imzy produced 86 drabbles across 52 fandoms.[1] Imzy shut down in May 2017[2] so subsequent rounds moved back to Dreamwidth and Archive of Our Own. Only about half of the 2016 drabbles were posted to the optional 2016 collection, the rest lost to Imzy's shut down unless preserved via Wayback Machine.

In 2019, MFD ran two rounds for the first time by request of the participants.

In 2020, scribblemyname couldn't run MFD due to chronic health problems, so wafflelate and LittleRaven took over for a round.[3] Asymptotically provided spreadsheet help, and signed-up participants received an average of 4.7 treats.[4]

In 2021, ashling joined as a mod and scribblemyname announced that there would be two rounds as well as possibly a third.[5]


Round AO3 Collection Moderator(s) Fandoms Works Sign ups
2016 here scribblemyname 52 86 Unknown
2017 main
scribblemyname Main: 76
Treat: 133
456 90
2018 here scribblemyname 208 558 114
2019a here scribblemyname 254 473 104
2019b here scribblemyname 216 484 115
2020 here Little Raven, wafflelate 322 773 157
2021a here ashling, wafflelate
2021b scribblemyname, LittleRaven


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