Muldertorture (X-Files story)

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Title: Muldertorture
Author(s): Wombat
Date(s): ~1997
Length: 2308 words
Genre: MulderTorture
Fandom: XF
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This page is about the story Muldertorture by Wombat. For the general concept, see Muldertorture.

Muldertorture is a parody of X-Files fiction written by Wombat. Named for the genre, Muldertorture, it explicitly framed Mulder's "torture" as living in a universe controlled by fangirls. It includes a reference to JoAnne of the SlashFic Hall of Shame. The story was nominated for a 1997 Whammy award. Wombat later also wrote stories called Methostorture and Skinnertorture.