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Pairing: Mulan/Aurora
Alternative name(s): Sleeping Warrior
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Canonical?: Canon (unrequited)
Prevalence: Small
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Mulan/Aurora is a pairing of Mulan and Princess Aurora from the Once Upon a Time fandom.


Mulan joins Prince Phillip on his journey to awaken his true love, Aurora, from a Sleeping Curse. However, once they awaken Aurora, a Wraith enters into the Enchanted Forest and attacks them. Phillip is unwittingly marked by the Wraith's medallion and later Mulan and Aurora witness his demise as the Wraith sucks out his soul.

The two continue to travel together and are later joined by Emma and Mary Margaret on a quest to stop Cora and return them home. This leads to Aurora being kidnapped and Cora ripping Aurora's heart from her chest while she’s sleeping. After a confrontation with Cora and Captain Hook, Mulan gets back Aurora’s heart and puts it back in her chest. They go on to find a way of saving Phillip and once Aurora and Phillip reunite, Mulan leaves them to aid others with their quests.

Later, Robin Hood offers Mulan a chance to join the Merry Men. She declines, stating that she has to talk to someone first before it's too late. Returning to the palace, Mulan prepares to confess her feelings for Aurora, but before she can, Aurora shares news of her pregnancy. Momentarily shocked at the news, Mulan recovers from her stupor to congratulate her, before announcing her plans to join the Merry Men. She turns away, walking off in sadness, as an equally disheartened Aurora watches her go. By nightfall, Mulan meets up with Robin at his camp, where she accepts a place with the Merry Men.[1]


There was much excitement over Mulan and Aurora joining the second season of Once Upon A Time. As the two were shown to develop a better relationship over the season the interest in the pairing also grew, leading to their ship name, Sleeping Warrior, being created.

Many fans felt sad or angry at the abrupt end to Mulan and Aurora's relationship, some believing it was merely used to placate vocal fans who were pushing for other queer relationship, such as the popular Emma Swan/Regina Mills pairing. While Mulan's departure from the show was more related to schedule conflicts, the way in which it was handled left much to be desired for some fans. Regardless, the pairing continues to be prevalent within OUAT femslash, with fanworks often bringing the pair to Storybroke or continuing their travels across kingdoms.


Mulan/Aurora has been within Archive of Our Own's Top 100 Femslash Pairings three times, ranking 39th in 2014,[2] 56th in 2015,[3] and 83rd in 2016[4]





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