Mr. Doyle's Neighborhood Universe

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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Mr. Doyle's Neighborhood Universe
Author(s): Kate Nuernberg
Date(s): 1985-1992
Genre: slash? gen?
Fandom: The Professionals
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Mr. Doyle's Neighborhood Universe is a Professionals series of stories by Kate Nuernberg. It is a long-running crossover between The Professionals, and The Good Life (aka Good Neighbors), a British sitcom set in Surbiton.

Most of the stories are in British Takeaway.

The Series in Order

  • Oh, to be in Surbiton in British Takeaway 1
  • Overkill in British Takeaway 1
  • Victims of the Vines in British Takeaway 1
  • A Harmless Necessary Cat in British Takeaway 1
  • Two Kinds of Troubleby in British Takeaway 1
  • Especially at Night in British Takeaway 2
  • No Money Down in British Takeaway 2
  • Diving in Too Deep by in British Takeaway 3
  • All Poetry Is Difficult to Read in British Takeaway 4
  • Land of Confusion in British Takeaway 3
  • With a Little Help in British Takeaway 6
  • And What Have I Failed To Do? in British Takeaway 5
  • Ghosts Appear and Fade Away in British Takeaway 4
  • additional stories can be found in: 'Smartest Agent in the World' - in Cold Fish and Stale Chips # 2; 'Surbiton in Orbit 1' - in Cold Fish and Stale Chips # 10 [slash]; 'Surbiton in Orbit 2' - in Cold Fish and Stale Chips #11

Slash or Gen?

I know they're not, strictly speaking, slash; but the relationship between Bodie and Doyle is so intense and so intimate, they feel like slash in all but the details. And they're beautifully written.[1]
No, I don't want the Neighborhood to go slash, that's true. But it is difficult, for me at least, to function in a universe where so much of the fiction is slash and not be affected by it. Besides, couldn't two straight men, in the real world, have thoughts like this every once in a while? If readers weren't looking for and hoping for these references, they wouldn't look at them in quite the same way. Also, for the sake of some of my friends (who shall remain nameless), I have tried to turn the Neighborhood slash, even in an alternate universe sort of way. I can't write it. I seem to have a good idea, but when the point comes to jump into bed, they look at each other and say "naaaah!" I guess I just don't believe it. But I don't mind others who want to enjoy the Neighborhood in that way, and maybe even hope...[2]

About Sequels Written by Other Fans

Fans discussing whether it was acceptable to play in each others' universes touched on this series:

... it seems that the Pros library contains a lot of scenes by one author and sequels by another. Is there some sort of implicit agreement that if a story is in the library, it's okay for other people to play around in that universe? In which case, those of us with a slash orientation just have to wait for all of the Neighborhood stories to show up there before we write our own versions.[3]
Another fan responds:
I know I'm taking this example to the extreme. I wouldn't do it. But what about the new fan three years from now who doesn't know any better, and starts writing slash sequels because "it seemed to be going that way". Kate Nuernberg interjects: "For your information, the Neighborhood stories from BT#1 and BT#2 are in the library. And if you want to write slash versions of any of the Neighborhood stories, you have my permission as long as I get a copy, and it's understood that I didn't write them (which would go for any story that I didn't write).[4]

Reactions and Reviews

It's a crossover with The Good life, a British series about two couples living in Surbiton (London area). Doyle has been injured, he walks with a cane, he has to leave the active roster and goes to live in Surbiton. He still works in CI5, though. Bodie has Susan as a new partner, and that isn't easy, for any of them. It is not explicitly slash, although I would argue that there are hints and clues that could point to a resolution of the series in this direction. All the stories stand on their own, but... there is a promise of writing more, but I don't know if Kate has written more. If anyone is in touch with her, please ask! I'm pretty desperate. I love the charaaers in the series, it is very well written, subtle, things are half said, and you have to guess a lot at what is really going on there. Also, the crossover works pretty well, giving Doyle an unusual background, someone, finally, in away (excluding Bodie), to whom he can rely to, permanently. His 'hostages to fortune', as Doyle himself says. The stories vary in content, from the more intimate to the action one. I seriously recommend it.[5]


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