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Synonyms: embarrassment squick
See also: squick
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Motts is a term some Bandom fans use in place of embarrassment squick.


Motts became part of Bandom's consciousness[1] when Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance blogged[2]:

The best way to describe "the motts" is like this:

Do you remember the first time you watched a bad daytime interview show, like Springer or something, and someone is just making a total ass out of themselves, doing or saying something very uncomfortable?

Or when you are sitting through a high school talent show and all of a sudden you feel embarrassed for your classmate who is singing "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston"? You sometimes have to cover your eyes, or look away.

Thats "the motts".

The phrase was coined by Mark Debiak in reference to an old Motts Applesauce commercial from when we were kids, involving what I remember as a child dressed as a film noir detective searching for "the motts" or , while searching for "the motts" asking people "who got the motts?". I believe he finds the motts at the end.

I find "the motts" all the time.

Since then, some fans have taken to using "motts" instead of embarrassment squick to describe their affliction whenever they find a situation embarrassing or feel embarrassed for someone and being unable to watch it.

Examples of Use

Examples bolded:

I spend most of my time wanting to touch their hair.

...In a strictly non-creepy sense, since you all know that the very idea of meeting either of them gives me the motts so very, very badly. I would rather gouge my own eyes out than talk to either of them. I will be the one at the back leaning against the pillar and pretending to be anywhere other than this.[3]

What I really like about Bandom is the unpredictability of the peeps. They do awesome things, mottsy ones, etc. I like the complexity of their stage/public personae and how we can pick and choose how to approach them. In short, \Bandom/! Hee![4]

Ryan posted a video which was both delightful and mottsy, because Ryan, looking happy and beautiful and singing ( I miss his voice so damn much ) but also, motts so often /o\ [5]


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