Embarrassment Squick

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Synonyms: motts
See also: squick
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Having an embarrassment squick means being squicked by having to watch characters in humiliating, embarrassing or awkward situations, or making fools of themselves. Trigger boundaries for this squick vary widely, but common triggers are certain types of comedy (slapstick in particular), plots built around misunderstandings, and some story tropes such as bodyswitch or bodysharing. The Office is one particular source that some people avoid because of this squick, because it focuses on embarrassment in nearly every episode.[1]

To quote Vee,
Among my kind, "watch from the hall" is what we call the embarrassment squick, because it's so bothersome you can't even watch it through your fingers and have to leave the room when it's happening.

Blush_squick is an LJ support community for those suffering from an embarrassment squick.[2]



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