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Name: Moomins
Creator: Tove Jansson
Date(s): 1952, 1990, 2019
Medium: books, comics, cartoon
Country of Origin: Finland
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The Moomins started out as a book series by writer Tove Jansson, and from there developed into a long-running comic and many different cartoon series made by an international array of figures, and both a museum and a theme park in Jansson's native Finland.[1]

Moomin Renaissance

A new cartoon, Moominvalley, led to a "Moomin Renassiance," in early 2019 where the Moomins went viral on tumblr and twitter, introducing English-speakers around the world to the franchise. It was helped by Big Name Fans like passionpeachy. New fans overwhelmingly shipped Moomin and Snufkin, which was often called Springdove, a name termed by liebrenado.[2] The show was often praised for having a soft aesthetic and alleged gay subtext, though this was controversial and led to discourse about age gap ships and fujoshi. The Moomin Renaissance fizzled out at some point in mid or late 2019.


Age Discourse

Moomintroll is stated to never "reach adulthood during the Moomin stories" on the official Moomin website.[3] Snufkin's name means "scruffy old man" in Swedish.[4] This led to some shipping discourse, as one is a child and one is an adult. Springdove shippers largely responded to accusations of age gap shipping by insisting that the characters do not have canon ages, although they do.

just an fyi literally almost none of the moomin characters have canon ages and even characters like snufkin who smoke from a pipe are unclear because children are allowed to drink and smoke in moominvalley. It's really just up to your interpretation I think Tove Jansson just didn't care to state their ages lol little my is the oldest one of the friend group though, even older than snufkin
snufkin and moomin don't have canon ages but they're both approximately the same age
Ages in Moomin stories are very vague and this is likely intentional on Tove Jansson’s behalf. Vague age makes it easier for the author to have characters do different things without having to worry about it being age-appropriate.
Springdove art made for the Problematic Ships Project

The ship garnered enough discourse to be included in the Problematic Ships Project.[8]

Other Topics

  • If shipping Springdove supported Tove Jansson's vision or went against it
  • The characterization of the Joxter, and the shipping of him with his son, Snufkin
  • Differences between Scandinavian fandom culture and American fandom culture


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