Mona Delitsky

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Name: Mona Delitsky
Also Known As:
Occupation: fan author, zine editor
Medium: fiction
Works: Space: 1999
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Mona Delitsky is a fan author and zine editor whose works have appeared in a number of Space: 1999 and Star Trek TOS zines and publications in the 1970s and 1980s.

She also served as a fan club and con organizer.

Fan Works

Delitsky's works appeared in Cosmoconnection and Alpha Continuum, while LoCs were published in Warped Space, ComLoC, and Landing Party 6. She served as zine editor for Command Center.

Fan Club Organizer

Along with Ted Hruschak, she was a primary founder of The Space:1999 Society in 1979. This fan club was an off-shoot of the The International Space: 1999 Alliance. The group survived no more than 18 months due to the small size of Space: 1999 fandom.