Mind's Eye (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Mind's Eye
Publisher: ITK Press
Editor(s): John Cephas
Date(s): flyer has art dated, 1992, was aiming for a 1993 publication, was advertised in a 1994 zine
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Mind's Eye was a Star Wars zine proposed in 1994.

It was never published.

The zine is notable in how many curative fannish sources, such as official Star Wars books and tie-ins, it wanted fans to use as guidelines.

Submission Guidelines: First Flyer

From a 1993 zine (Alliance and Empire #2:

the 1993 flyer from Alliance and Empire #2
the 1993 flyer from Alliance and Empire #2
I know, I know, another fanzine right? Just what the world needs, right? Wrong. Just what I need. Maybe you haven't noticed but it seems like every zine out today is about "War of the Worlds" or "Quantum Leap". I'm sure there are a few, but I do not know of any real Star Wars zines, and Star Wars was the foundation for most popular science fiction movies or television. In fact, before Star Wars, science fiction was widly [sic] considered the toe jam of movies and television. Well, this zine is for myself and those of you who haven't forgotten the greatest sci-fi story ever told. Maybe you've all read the Star Wars continuation series by Timothy Zahn. Maybe you all liked it, I did not. Why? Because the author did not KNOW the characters. Sound silly? What's silly is that dialog. Who ever talked that way? I don't know. My opinion of the books are my own, you may not feel the same way, fine. I am not looking for debate. Just good Star Wars stories. Which brings me to Just what I want to see when I say "good Star Wars" stories. A few things, really. 1. Nothing too campy. Sci-Fi is still taking a lot of unfair swipes from people who think we all run around saying, "Live long and prosper" and shooting flair guns at people at conventions (that really happens). 2. NO CROSSOVERS. Crossover stories can be good fun, but I don't think a story about Sam "leaping" into the body of Darth Vader would be too happening. 3. Humor. Star Wars has a lot of dramatic elements to it, but there was always humor. O.K. So what does this all mean? I'll read anything, but I won't print everything. As a matter of fact, I'll even read and print good Star Trek stories, preferably "Next Generation". But this is NOT a multi-media zine. Star Wars and maybe something else every now and then, but only if it's good. Before I run out of room on this disk I would also like to ask for artwork. I will draw for now because I like to, but sooner or later I will need other contributions. I should also point out that this will, for the most part, be an edit-free zine. Obviously spelling will be checked, but I do not believe in changing stories. Back to the artwork. Please send originals. I will endeavor to take care of them and send them back unharmed.... - Jon Cephas

Submission Guidelines: Second Flyer

flyer for a proposed zine, perhaps a part of "Mind's Eye"?

From a 1994 zine (My Name AIN'T Mary Sue! #2):

Hello again. Welcome to the "Mind's Eye" guidebook. Now that I now people are really interested I felt it necessary to improve on the first flyer/advertisement describe what it is. exactly, that I am looking for for this zine.

FICTION: Short stories should be 15-30 pages in length. All stories should be true to the concept of Star Wars, but they do not have to be about the characters from the movies or books. In other words, you are encouraged to invent new people and places. Please, no explicit sex or violence. People may have sex and do violence, just don't be too graphic about it. I will only edit with author's consent. Send self addressed, stamped envelopes with all submissions-including artwork.

ARTWORK: As mentioned in the flyer, send Originals. They WILL be returned to you unharmed. I have been drawing my entire life and I know how important your drawings can be to you. Pencil or ink drawing are preferred. As for content, whatever you want. Ships, people, collages, etc.

LETTERS: Please. NO HATE MAIL! This is my first fanzine, be patient with me. I will entertain suggestions, comments, constructive critism [sic]. etc. I also want to have a "Want Ad" section which will allow Toy collectors to find what they're looking for or hoping to sell. The same applies for books, posters, trading cards, etc.

DEADLINES: HA! I have no real deadline. I hope you all send whatever you can quickly because I want Issue # 1 ready by Spring 1993! Send stories Double-spaced, typed or word processed, with pages numbered.

CORRECTIONS: I asked for no crossover stories in the flyer. What I should have said is no crossovers which use the MAIN characters (Luke fighting the Romulans with Captain Picard, for instance). I am working on a Star Wars- Trek story, but it only uses elements of the two universes, nothing more. Before I printed it, I wanted to see yours. I don't want to break my own rules Just for me. So send me something about the universes of Star Wars and something else, not the MAIN characters.

OTHER FICTION: I said I would read Star Trek stories, and preferably "Next Generation". I won't spend too much time on ST, but I love it and I feel like I have include it in this zine, even if only in some small fashion.

NON FICTION: I would like well-written articles, interviews (if possible), and anything else of the sort. There are many things to write about, such as; George Lucas, Industrial Light and Magic, Actors, Conventions, Comics, etc.

YOU: If you wish, include something brief about yourself. It sounds kind of dorky, but I want this zine to be personal. It means a lot to me since this is my first. You don't have to do this but I know people love to talk about themselves and that's fine with me as long as nothing begins with, "I was born in a small town..." or "When I was little...". That kind of thing tends to be lengthy.

If you do not want to write fiction but you want to be included, you may wish to write something like this.


SOURCES: My main Sourcebook is "The Star Wars Sourcebook" be Bill Slavicsek & Curtis Smith, published by Vest End Games. There are many of these books meant originally for the role playing game, but these are the books George Lucas recommended to Timothy Zahn before he started his continuation series.

If your interest is fiction, here are a few novels for those of you who don't know already.

Han Solo at Star's End, by Brian Daley. Published by Del Rey books (1979)

Han Solo's Revenge, by Brian Daley. Del Rey books (1979)

Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, by Brian Daley. Del Rey books (1980)

Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu, by L. Neil Smith. Del Rey books (1983)

Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon, by L. Neil Smith. Del Rey books (1983)

Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka, by L. Neil Smith. Del Rey books (1983)

A Splinter in the Mind's Eye (I do not know who wrote this book or when, but I had it in my hands a long time ago, and it is where I got the title for this zine)

Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zahn. Bantam Spectra books (1991)

Dark Force Rising, by Timothy Zahn. Bantam Spectra books (1992)

Star Vars-Dark Empire, by Tom Veitch & Cam Kennedy. Dark Horse Comics (1992)

These are just a few sources for fiction. It is not mandatory for you to read any of these before you begin, but you may find them useful. The only things I'd recommend are the films and at least one of the role playing Sourcebooks. Your fiction can be about any period in Star Wars history, but you probably won't find much about the pre-film era, such as The Clone Wars.

ART SOURCEBOOKS: There are many portfolios of artwork from all three films. They include prints of some of the original paintings used in pre and post-production by artists like Ralph McQuarrie. There is also a great book called, "Industrial Light and Magic-The Art of Special Effects", by Thomas G. Smith. It is not only about Star Wars but about the first ten years of ILM.


ME: I will act as editor but I am not acting alone. I will have help from my girlfriend Julie Evans of "My Name AIN'T Mary Sue!", who passed out flyers at the Dreamwerks Convention (10/24-25/92). Maybe you met her there? She has been in fandom for about two years and was my main inspiration for the zine. She is NOT the co-editor, but I will give her much credit for much help.

I said I wanted to know you, and this might intimadate [sic] a few of you, so it is only fair for you to know me. I will be brief. I am 19 and have unfortunatly [sic] spent all 19 years in Delaware. Star Wars was the first film I remember seeing as a child (I was four). I've been into science fiction since I saw it and have always wanted to work at ILM on the next SW film.

I go to college full time and hope to go to film school as soon as possible. I draw, write, play guitar and really dig Monty Python and King Crimson. There. That wasn't too boring was it? I feel like we know each other already.

OK. Now that we've got the rules laid out, send me lots of great stories and artwork.