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Name: Merlin Muses
Date(s): 12 June 2010 (founded) - June 2013 (last entry)
Moderator: accioscar, cassie_black12, cinnatart, joan_waterhouse, merlinmusesmod, nuclearsugars
Type: fest
Fandom: Merlin
URL: merlin_muses (LiveJournal); archive link; tumblr archive link

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Merlin Muses was a prompt-based fest for fanfiction and fanart focused on the BBC show Merlin, and its cast. The fest is open to all pairings, be it het, slash or femslash, as well as threesomes/moresomes, gen & RPF.

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Round 1

Prompt Fest Reveals/Final Masterlist (2010)


All Things Are Ours by cassie_black12 (PG-13; 24.5K)

Wherein Arthur gets a new job, Morgana speaks Welsh, and Gwen introduces Merlin to the finer points of Facebook stalking!

The Apprentice’s Tale by treacle_tartlet (NC-17; 10.5K)

Merlin, in the wake of his breakup with Will, allows himself to be dragged off to the Midsummer Festival, an annual week-long SCA camping event run by the Barony of Camelot. Here he meets Arthur Pendragon, Prince of Albion –handsome, popular, and a complete prat. Merlin hates Arthur, Arthur hates Merlin; it is all perfectly simple, until it isn’t anymore.

Camelot by dreamdustmama (NC-12; 11K)

When Merlin and Will are assigned to do the Birds of Prey show at Camelot Renaissance Faire, neither of them are very happy about it. And then Will gets to dress as a pirate and discovers steak-on-a-stick. Merlin just meets Arthur (and maybe does some magic, too).

Découverte accidentelle by notfairytales (G, fanart)

Arthur finds Merlin's magic book

Deny Thy Father by arineat (R; 26.5K)

When Arthur refuses to marry the woman his father has picked out for him, he loses everything; job, his status and the only life he's ever known. With the help of his estranged step-sister and a few odd new friends, will Arthur be able to stand on his own two feet and finally find what he never thought he could have?

Football in the Rain by lower_case_d (G; 2K)

Arthur becomes captain of the football team, and Merlin tries out.

For That Freedom by literaryspell (NC-17; 3K)

Arthur might act like he wants to be in control—but Merlin wants nothing more than to see him lose it.

Heartbeats by tourdefierce (NC-17; 5.5K)

Being a medical student is hard. Puns totally intended.

How To Woo Your Manservant by renrenren3 (PG-13; 15K)

When Arthur finally realizes he's hopelessly in love with Merlin, he has no idea how one is supposed to court his manservant but this won't stop him from trying. Repeatedly. Insistently. With flowers, chicken and destiny if he has to.

Never Enough by sabriel75 (R; 3K)

Everyone in Camelot has secrets, and unfortunate for Arthur, he keeps them all as well as his own. Which is fine because Arthur can be trusted. It’s only Merlin, the one person who does keep his secrets to himself and should trust Arthur enough, that doesn’t and it is driving Arthur a bit mad.

(No One Has Found) How to Unring the Bell by pepperlandgirl4 (NC-17; 22.5K)

Goes AU from the beginning of The Witchfinder. When Aredian tells Uther that Arthur’s manservant has magic, Uther becomes obsessed with harnessing the boy’s power to begin the Purge again. Once Aredian has Merlin under control, Uther chooses a small Druid settlement to test Merlin’s ability and Arthur’s loyalty.

The Prince and his Catservant shadecat (NC-17; 8K)

When Arthur’s mouth gets him in trouble with a psychotic faerie, it’s Merlin that has to save him from himself again. Will either of them be able to cope with Merlin’s new situation – and will they be able to reverse it?

Princing Up Merlin by dirty_darella (NC-17; 3.5K)

Arthur’s making Merlin his prince for the night.

Render it True by cleo_jay (PG-13; 3.5K)

A spell gone awry causes a series of revelations for a hapless Merlin, some more horrifying than others.

Serendipitous by ayane_tsurugi (PG-13; 13.5K)

In which there is love at first sight, give or take five minutes, Leon is the world’s best PA, the Slash Dragon is really bad at business meetings, more than one Arthur wears a red scarf, and Fate is a fickle bitch who breaks everything apart, but puts it back together even better in the end. Or, a fic loosely based on the movie Serendipity.

Sobering Realisations by nyargles (PG-13; 3K)

Arthur and Merlin always have sex when they get drunk. They never talk about it - or even acknowledge it - when they're sober. Arthur can't help but wonder why – until he tries to bring it up and realizes that Merlin never remembers it happening. He is both crushed and filled with guilt, and tries to distance himself from Merlin. Merlin is hurt and angry but determined to find out what's really wrong.

A Time for Reflection by han_corrupted (PG; 4.5K)

Around harvest time, the tradition of countryman favours cause Merlin to miss home. He makes one himself not intending to give it away, and Merlin has to face his feelings when he finds Arthur with the favour. The Prince wasn’t supposed to find it nor does he know the meaning behind it.

trrrnch (smile, smile, smile) by joan_waterhouse (PG-13; 2K)

And then was now and now was then, and all the ages were but one, and the pain that tore his heart to pieces ripped from his soul Magic.

The Ultimate Measure by filmatleven (PG-13; 19.5K)

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Or, the fic where Merlin's the new kid, Arthur's kind of a puppy, and somehow against all odds they end up together happily at prom.

Vengeful Seduction by shutupeccles (R; 2.5K; Merlin/Morgana)

Morgana returns with a plan for revenge that involves turning Arthur and Uther against Merlin by seducing him.

With a Kiss, We Fall by dysonrules (NC-17; 14K)

Prince Arthur is struck down by a mysterious sleeping spell and a cryptic message causes all the fair maidens in the land to travel to Camelot with dreams that their kiss will awaken him and win them Arthur's hand in marriage.

With This Ring by marguerite_26 (NC-17; 10K)

After being enchanted, Uther forces Arthur and Merlin to marry.


Birthday Wishes by open_atclose (PG; 1K)

It's Arthur's birthday, and Merlin and Morgana have a plan.

He Wasn’t On The List by dannic38 (G; 3K)

Gwen comes from New York. Merlin and Arthur didn’t shop for food while she was gone. A trip to the market and the boys see tall dark handsome Lancelot. They do things to keep Gwen from Lancelot. Set in a MODERN AU.

Life is a toil and love is a trouble by cakeordeath44 (PG-13; 6K)

When Arthur's busy being King or away at war Merlin protects/laughs with/tickles/entertains/cries/bandages/tucks in/reads to/listens/hugs the royal family. They'd be lost without him.

Life Is Made Up Of Little Moments by jungle_ride (PG-13; 1.5K)

Life Is Made Up Of Little Moments

Party of Four by dfriendly (NC-17; 2K; Merlin/Morgana)

As the party winds down, things heat up. It all started with a crush, a drinking game, and a dare.


Just Fricking Make Out Already by merlinmonster (PG-13; 6K)

UST TO THE EXTREME. UST, UST, UST!! UST to the point where it is frustrating! Where they come this close to something time and time again but something always ends up stopping them/getting in the way. UST to the point where it's just getting ridiculous!

One Day by merlinmonster (NC-17; 37K)

A fic inspired by the novel "One Day" by David Nicholls. 'They meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? And every year that follows? Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY.

The Sparkly Dance Nazi by cleo_jay (PG-13; 1.5K)

In which Bradley discovers Colin doing terrible but oddly mesmerising things.


Awakening by zephre (G, fanart)

Only Gwen could ever break through Lancelot's madness, the sound of her voice enough to calm him even from the most terrifying frenzy.


Power & Glory by shutupeccles (NC-17; 1.5K)

Lancelot & Merlin celebrate killing the gryphon with spontaneous man sex.


Shadows of Ealdor by fitz_y (NC-17; 20K)

Fear of the villagers discovering his magic was not what drove Merlin from Ealdor.


Party of Four by dfriendly (NC-17; 2K; Arthur/Gwen)

As the party winds down, things heat up. It all started with a crush, a drinking game, and a dare.

Vengeful Seduction by shutupeccles (R; 2.5K; Arthur/Merlin)

Morgana returns with a plan for revenge that involves turning Arthur and Uther against Merlin by seducing him.

You May Be A Sinner But Your Innocence Is Mine by jungle_ride (NC-17; 4.5K)

She comes at night, when the shadows reign and darkness fills the air, drifting in deadly silent. A ghost haunting.


amidst this bitterness by curia_regis (Gaius, Uther) (G; 1K)

Burning On The Inside by jungle_ride (Edwin) (PG-13; 3.5K)

Edwin reminisces.

Spared by oldwickedsongs (Gaius) (G; 1.5K)

During 3x01, 3x02 Gaius tends to the King and thinks of how once there was servant and prince and a destiny only one of them saw.

Thy will be done by plumora (Gwen) (G; 4.5K)

A stranger arrives at the abbey who urges Sister Gwen to fulfill her destiny.

Transporteus Cameloteus by thecheekydragon (Merlin) (G; 6.5K)

Recent havoc in the Wizard World leads the wizened warlock Merlin to visit the Russo family, asking Justin, Alex, and Max to travel back in time to 5th century Camelot to help the much younger him change events that could help rectify the problem. AU Crossover (The Wizards of Waverly Place and Merlin) Gaius knows the choice is coming soon, the choice between his king and his future.

Round 2

Merlin Prompt Fest Reveals/Final Masterlist (2011)


Before I Go To Sleep by hereticalvision (PG-13; 12.5K)

Trapped by his father's expectations and his own fears, Arthur can see no way out of a life which is strangling him – until Merlin blunders into his life.

Come Here To Me by myashke (NC-17; 20K)

When Merlin accidentally brings home a magical creature, his relationship with Arthur is forever changed.

Double Kiss by heavenlyxbodies (PG-13; 4K)

Arthur knew Merlin was magic with a cue, but he'd never expected that magic to light in his eyes or his laugh. He'd never expected the man behind the player.

Fragments of a Burning Reality by baboomstick (R; 1K)

Merlin is a monster who's been caged.

I'll Be There by happyevraftr (PG; 2.6K)

With the defeat over Sigan happening just months after the Questing Beast incident, Merlin is left feeling worn out and depressed. He escapes from Camelot for the day to try and deal with his pent up emotions, but starts to get lost in his despair. Can Arthur humble himself enough to bring Merlin back?

I Will Follow by winterstorrm (NC-17; 3.5K)

When Arthur meets Merlin, his new priority in life is to keep him safe.

Last Friday Night by bend_me_baby (PG-13; 12.5K)

Arthur's a hipster, but not really. And Merlin is his normal, happy self who happens to listen to too much Katy Perry and other trashy pop music.

Late Night Reading by angelqueen04 (PG-13; 2K)

After a long day, Merlin unwinds by reading a new story from one of his favorite authors on Camelot Forums. He gets a little more than he bargained for.

Let Us Dare by kianspo (NC-17; 30K)

Uther dies instead of Ygraine when Arthur is born. Balinor helps Ygraine secure her position as regent, magic isn't banned, and Merlin and Arthur grow up side by side. Camelot is different but not cloudless, destiny is still a troublesome thing, and Arthur is still charmingly oblivious when it comes to things that matter most in life.

Masquerade by alba17 (NC-17; 15K)

A story of love and ambition in 1930's Hollywood, featuring Arthur and Merlin as young British actors with movie star dreams.

Mr Jones Falls In Love by ella_bane (NC-17; 8K)

The day Arthur Pendragon visits an orphanage, everything changes.

None of Them Ours by suntipped (NC-17; 8.7K)

Merlin comes to Camelot as part of a traveling troupe of actors. Because he's so young and pretty, he's always cast to play the female roles—standing on stage in skirts, tightly-laced bodices, bows and all—and it makes Arthur sort of crazy.

Not a Typical Balcony Scene by elirwen (NC-17; 2K)

When you let a man who's in love with you think up your wooing speech, stuff might happen.

A Proper Servant by pessen03 (R; 2K)

Arthur and Merlin are stuck in the forest during a storm.

Salmon Thursdays by heavenlyxbodies (R; 8.4K)

When Arthur chose the employee Christmas gifts, he had no idea he'd be standing in front of Pike Place Fish six months later ordering fish he didn't even like.

The Throne Room by eloquent_toast (R). Fanart

In the early hours of the morning, Merlin gives Arthur some pleasant memories for when he's tending to boring court business.

To Catch a Sparrow by flypaw (NC-17; 13.3K)

Though he was chosen as sorcerer for Camelot's court when Arthur became king, Merlin can't trust in his abilities. Shifting into animals has never been accomplished before, but Merlin sets out to prove his worth to the kingdom, knowing that no kingdom, however great, can last with a gap between the two most powerful people in the land.

Under My Skin by lady_drose_sd (PG-13; 2K)

Arthur gets a tattoo and Merlin gets curious.

An Unlikely Pair by wickedtrickstah (PG-13; 8.5K)

Arthur and Merlin are reluctant flat mates after Merlin's apartment floods (again) and Morgana offers up Arthur's spare room. Arthur is secretly in love with Merlin, Merlin thinks Arthur hates him, and who is that guy with the sexy hair hugging Merlin in the café?


Love Triangles and Vicious Circles by rubber_glue (PG; 7.8K)

Lancelot is sad, Arthur is angry and although Gwen knows she's the center of it all, she cannot remember why.

Worlds Colliding by rainbow_connec (PG; 1K)

Gwen returns to Camelot after being kidnapped by Cenred.


Rescue Me by eurydice72 (PG; 3.2K)

Though Gwaine might leap to rescue a lady in distress, sometimes the lady prefers to do the rescuing herself.


Friday Night with G. E. McGregor by marguerite_26 (NC-17; 7.5K)

Merlin gets the opportunity to meet his favorite author, but G. E. McGregor is not at all what he expected.

Shiver My Soul luisadeza (PG) Fanart

Regard the scuttlebutt as true. Emrys had always been the captain's favourite after all.


Platonic by lullabylily (NC-17; 2.4K)

Gwaine was not getting laid. Until one night on a hunting trip he and Lancelot overhear Arthur and Merlin in the throws of passionate sex. Whoever said the bond between knights had to be platonic?


I Got You by springinstep (PG-13) Fanart

Boston marriage - Gwen works as a clothing designer in a little boutique she runs and Freya is part of the educational team at an aquarium.


Girl With One Eye by lovepb (R; 1K)

For years, Gwen had been hers and she hadn't had the faintest idea what to do about it. But now she did.


Big Top by lkaet (Arthur, Merlin, Morgana) (G) Fanart

Pendragon & Son welcomes you to the greatest big top show in all of Albion.

The Marrow of Life by joan_waterhouse (Gwaine) (G; 1.7K)

Gwaine had longed for solitude when he had made his way here. Solitude and silence. But nobody is ever truly alone. There's always something. Or nothing. Which, as many will certify, is even more unsettling.

Stand By Me by stbacchus (Uther, Arthur, Morgana) (G; 4K)

When thirteen-year-old Arthur was injured outside the castle walls, Uther may have overreacted a tad. But why is Morgana trying so hard to make them reconcile?

Tragedy of Dreamers by word_never_said (Percival) (R; 7K)

Percival begins to deal with the loss of his family.