Come Here To Me

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Title: Come Here To Me
Author(s): myashke
Date(s): 08 October 2011
Length: 21,207 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Come Here To Me (merlin_muses)
Come Here To Me (AO3)

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Come Here To Me is a Merlin/Arthur story my myashke. It was written for lippykid for Merlin Muses round 2.

Summary (AO3): When Merlin accidentally brings home a dragon egg, his relationship with Arthur is forever changed.

Recs and Reviews

  • "In this story, which features one of those Arthur-tells-Merlin-he-knows moments, Arthur wants Merlin because he is who he is, and part of what Arthur loves, understands and wants about/from Merlin is his strength. I have always loved the idea that eventually, they treat one another as equals, but it's inherently not so; Merlin can destroy ALL THE THINGS if he chooses to. For the two of them, power is drawn to power, and strength to strength. Also in this story: an adorable baby dragon who reminds me quite a bit of Temeraire."[1]


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