Memoirs of a Fish

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Name: Memoirs of a Fish: The Fisheye Resource
Owner/Maintainer: Minki Roo
Dates: 1998-present (last updated 2007)
Type: character shrine
Fandom: Sailor Moon
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Memoirs of a Fish was a shrine to Fisheye from Sailor Moon. It hosted information about Fisheye's original incarnation in the Japanese version of the anime, essays, and screencaps from the anime, manga and stage plays of Sailor Moon. It also collected links of other sites about the Amazon Trio and allowed submissions of fanfic and fanart about Fisheye.


The first undubbed Sailormoon I ever saw was episode #129, the introduction of the Amazon Trio. Fisheye (or Fish-eye, another dual spelling here) became my fast favorite. I had never quite seen a villain like him before: he was not your mere dime-a-dozen garden variety thug. Fisheye was charming. Flighty. Vain. Enthusiastic. Cute. Doing things not purely for evil's sake, but deriving as much pleasure out of his work as possible. And he had a trait I had never seen before in a cartoon character: homosexuality.

When watching cartoons, one doesn't really tend to think about different sexual preferences. At least I don't. But I discovered that in Sailormoon, Fisheye is one in a long line of such characters. He's a man. He likes men. And…so what? The show does not make it into Fisheye's sole asset--he is not simply known as "the gay one." He's not trying to hide it, or explain it. He does not have to face the trials that he would have to face if he was a real-life person living in society today. His preferences are just accepted as being a part of him. Fisheye can be enjoyed without worrying about what political or social setback he will face because he prefers a man over a woman.