The Amazon Trio

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: The Amazon Trio
Alternative name(s):
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Type: Group; later friendship
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: minor
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The Amazon Trio are a set of three minor villains in the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon manga, and major villains in the SuperS season of the anime. Their primary goal is locating Pegasus/Helios, who is hiding in the dreams of an unknown person. While their target is ostensibly someone with "a beautiful dream", the Trio chooses to believe that beautiful dreams belong to beautiful people, and select victims based on personal attraction. Their attacks are visually paralleled to sexual assaults, and in recent years fans have expressed discomfort with the characters, their later redemption, and the season of SuperS as a whole.

The character of Fisheye in particular has been a subject of controversy over the years, as he is vocally attracted to men and targets them exclusively, usually in the form of an attractive woman. Many dubs, including the original US dub, try to present Fisheye as a cis woman, and eliminate a minor gay relationship depicted in one of his feature episodes. Fisheye's blurring of gender and sexuality has prompted debate in fandom over the character's canon gender identity.



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