McShep Match Team War 2009 Interview with skinscript

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Interviews by Fans
Title: McShep Match Team War 2009 Interview with skinscript
Interviewee: skinscript (Infie)
Date(s): August 2, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
External Links: online here; WebCite
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skinscript was interviewed in 2009 for McShep Match.

It is part of this series: McShep Match Interview Series.


How long have you been writing fan fiction and/or making fan art and/or whatever else (vids, knitted goods, pornographic gingerbread cookies)?

The first fanfic I remember doing was in 1986, when a friend and I wrote a Miami Vice AU called 'Math Vice' in which Sonny Crockett arrested our teacher for being boring and my friend and I created the word 'depurplified'. We also collaborated on a Tour of Duty AU that was a lot of fun.

I got back into fanfiction in 2001 when I started writing Dark Angel.

I also put together fan wallpapers, and almost every piece of coverart for my fics is done by me. I absolutely love it when other folks do some though!...

I was big in Dark Angel for quite a while, then wrote Supernatural for a little bit. I was out of fandoms entirely for about two years or more, and then began my involvement in SGA.

I've also dabbled in Battlestar Galactica, Dawson's Creek, X-Men movieverse, and through crossovers Traders and Queer as Folk. I did a story for one of the Star Trek anthologies but didn't get picked up. (boooo).

I'm currently reading fic in the Unit, Anita Blake, and Merlin, but SGA remains my favourite reading sandbox at the moment. It's also the only fandom where I've read RPS.

Why [do you use] two names?

A couple of years ago, I was in a serious depressive funk. All my ideas were gone, all my drive was gone. It was infuriating. It was also terrifying. Always before reading would get my creativity running, but then it was just making me feel inadequate and lost. I was still putting out a story here or there, but they felt wrong, like I was phoning it in. I was desperate.

So - I decided to try being someone else for a bit. I was hoping that just that act of change would do... I don't know. Something to restart the engine. I knew that few of the folks who already knew my stuff were SGA fans so it wasn't likely I'd be ignoring a fan base. I've never hidden that Infie = skinscript, and as far as I know, no one has cared either way. :D

Did it work? Yes, and No. I did start to write again a bit and got some quality works done that I'm proud of. I'm not like what I was; the engine is still spluttering. It's moving though, and I'm grateful as hell for that.

Why do you ship McKay/Sheppard? What draws you to the pairing, what do you like and dislike? Favourite scenes or episodes? Quotes? Screencaps? What other SGA pairings do you ship?

I didn't actually ship them until I read an article somewhere about three years ago that commented on McShep. I think I was looking for Sheppard/Weir, maybe? Anyhow - the post mentioned the popularity of McShep so I looked for stories. I was intrigued by the first couple I read, and the next episode that I watched I looked for some of the tells. They're there!

I think I ship them not so much because of the show (because at this point I am pretty pissed at the show's writers and producers except a couple) but because of the fanon. John and Rodney translate to just about any situation and any AU I can think of, and their friendship is so strong and so fitting that they're entertaining anywhere. Those characters *should* be together!

I don't think I could easily pick favourite McShep eps or quotes, though of course The Shrine and Miller's Crossing are both fantastic ones. I'd have to say most of the best moments occur in fanfic or in my head. :) Generally, I love Rodney McKay with all my heart, and John with at more than half of it. They have great chemistry, and together it's amazing.