McShep Match Team Peace 2009 Interview with Altyronsmaker

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Title: McShep Match Team War 2009 Interview with Altyronsmaker
Interviewee: Altyronsmaker (Chelle)
Date(s): August 6, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
External Links: It's the 6th already?: mcshep_peace, Archived version
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Altyronsmaker was interviewed in 2009 for McShep Match.

It is part of this series: McShep Match Interview Series.


How long have you been writing fan fiction and/or making fan art and/or whatever else (vids, knitted goods, pornographic gingerbread cookies)?

My mom and I used to have ‘rewrite’ fests about ST:TNG and DS9, and movies we watched, but it was always just talk. And I remember her doing that with M*A*S*H and Barney Miller when I was little, so for as long as I can remember there’s been transformative creativity going on in my house.

As for actually writing? Well, I started during college in the jossverse around 2002, I think, on Yahoo and – even though I’d been watching the show from the first season. I joined LJ in December ‘04 to do the Giles ficathon. When Buffy and Angel ended, I still wrote the fic, but I’d fallen in lust with yin_again and ladycat777’s John and Rodney stories and I was all, “Who are John and Rodney?” Turned out to be SGA, and I found the show and have been hooked ever since. That was around ’05.

I also do icons, have been making icons since about 2006, thanks to mirasol. So, fic, icons, and beta reading, for about…7 years....

My main fandoms right now are SGA and Supernatural, and depending on the week or what’s going on online, either one or the other is primary. I still do Buffy, Angel, Firefly (a little bit), Bones (very little), and Leverage. I’ve even written some Eureka fic. My participation in each one depends on who wants to see what from me.

What do you enjoy most about SGA and/or SGA fandom?

I love that you can find something for every taste you may have in this fandom. The show lends itself spectacularly to send ups of tropes. John and Rodney can be ANYTHING in the physical world and it’s NOT an AU (Thanks Ancient Tech!) Everybody can be screwing everybody else, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility (Thanks alien sex pollen/sex ritual/trading custom!) I love that there’s not a hell of a lot of wank with SGA (unlike Buffy, SPN and HP [not that I’m into HP, but if you’re on LJ, you’ve seen the HP wank]). I love how fuckin’ SMART these people are. How they recognize deficits in characterization and treatment and I love how vocal they are when the characters are treated badly.

I love that the ACTORS, if not the writers, acknowledge the possible queerness of the characters. I do now and always will believe that the secret Joe keeps about how he played John Sheppard is that HE thought John was a repressed homosexual. Not that he didn’t know he was gay, but that he CHOSE to put it aside, to hide it, to ignore it so he could fly. And I think that Joe recognized John’s foil in Rodney and snuck little moments and gestures out as hints to the audience. There’s nothing that will make me question that. I LOVE the respect the actors have for the fans – and that’s not something you see all the time.

Why do you ship McKay/Sheppard? What draws you to the pairing, what do you like and dislike? Favourite scenes or episodes? Quotes? Screencaps? What other SGA pairings do you ship?

John and Rodney are perfect foils for each other. John pushes Rodney to BE more than what he thinks he is, and Rodney makes John comfortable in his own skin. Rodney doesn’t so much push John to be himself, as he just gives him that cushion of safety, and that’s not even consciously. Rodney just is who he is, and John finds that…relaxing. Rodney’s not ever going to belittle John for being a dork – in fact he’s going to admire that. Rodney’s not going to call John a smarty pants for showing his own big ole brain. John will never call Rodney weak or cowardly, and he’ll NEVER leave him behind or exile him. Even after Doranda, Rodney was STILL team, ya know?

What I dislike? That as much as Rodney GETS John, he’s still missing the point. John’s NOT Kirk. He’s NOT chasing alien tail. He’s just not into that. And Rodney doesn’t see how it pains John to watch Rodney in relationships.

Favorites: Rising part two: Rodney: “Do you have any idea how many combinations of -?” John: “720.” Then Rodney’s face. *sigh* love that. McKay and Mrs. Miller, Miller’s Crossing. The Shrine. Tao of Rodney, Search and Rescue, Sateda, The Game, Brotherhood, Echoes, and Epiphany (OMG, how HARD Rodney works and how scared he is that they’ll be too late!).

Other pairings: Lorne/Zelenka, Elizabeth/Caldwell (sometimes, I swear it looks like Mitch Pillegi wants to NAIL Torri, and that is HOT.), Ronon/Keller, Carson/Teyla, Michael/Teyla (he’s crazy, insane, and is exactly what his experiences at the hands of the Lanteans have made him, but he LOVES Teyla – even if he doesn’t know how to.), Lorne/Novak, and, umm, since the Shrine: Ronon/Jeannie. I’d love to see Jeannie divorce Kaleb, move to Atlantis and hook up with Ronon. God. Hot. Wow. These are mostly het pairings. Hmm.