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Title: Mashiach
Author(s): Askance, Itsirtou
Date(s): January–May 2013
Length: 31,070 on AO3
Genre: Alternate Universe
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: AO3; Tumblr

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Mashiach is a Supernatural Alternate Universe fanfic series by Askance and Itsirtou (jimmynovaks and whiskyandoldspice on Tumblr). It was posted in 17 installments across their Tumblrs and in 14 installments on the Archive of Our Own between January 1, 2013 and May 4, 2013, during Supernatural’s 8th season. The series created a small following among the author’s fans on Tumblr, and many one-shots were written in the same (or a similar) 'verse by a number of authors. The ‘verse also generated a lot of fanart, fanmixes, and meta.

The name is taken from the modern Hebrew mashiach, or messiah.


"god has one last gift for the american messiah. when sam is stricken with stigmata at a roadside memorial, he begins to realise just how valuable his sacrifices really are.”[1]

In an essay posted to Tumblr, Askance said:

What nobody in the canon has yet mentioned, but what I find extremely interesting, is how closely the events at Stull—and indeed the events of Sam’s whole life, from cradle to metaphorical coffin—mirror the events in the narrative of the life of Jesus Christ, as presented by everyday Biblical texts. Parallels, connections, and subtle inversions of the Gospel stories can be found at nearly every point in Sam Winchester’s life, culminating in his ultimate sacrifice at Stull, at which point one could practically superimpose him onto a crucifix and see no difference between Sam and Christ himself.

Sam’s life, when laid out side-by-side with Jesus’, presents a narrative both paralleling and reworking the life and works of Jesus Christ, and—when explored further—offers a juxtaposition between Sam, the predestined anti-Messiah, and the Sam who reaches the same end result as Jesus Christ, through nothing but love and will. Sam’s is a messianic narrative built on free will and the subversion of destiny, on salvation not by grace, but by choice, and on the freedom to make a sacrifice of oneself. Jesus Christ is a Messiah removed from us by time and archaic storytelling—but Sam Winchester is a Messiah who is deeply flawed and deeply honest, and whose story produces a more modern, more human relatability.[2]

The Mashiach verse was centered around this presentation of Sam as a savior of the modern world, Sam and Dean’s relationship, and their responses to Sam’s failing health due to the stigmata wounds (the very wounds that proclaim him the savior).

The Wider 'Verse

Askance and Itsirtou both kept long and varied inspiration tags on their tumblrs, here, here, and here. These tags often include heavy religious art and imagery and southern gothic or Americana imagery and music.

Many authors and artists were inspired to create their own works in 'verses where Sam receives the stigmata, using similar themes and imagery, and usually tagged "mashiach" on Tumblr.

Example Fics by Other Authors

Example Fanart

Example Fanmixes

Example Meta


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