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Name: marvelfanrecs
Date(s): October 2017-



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Marvel Comics, MCU, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Daredevil (TV), X-Men: First Class, X-Men Movieverse


Reviews of Marvel Fanfiction


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A screenshot of the header of Marvel FanFiction Review.

Marvel FanFiction Review is a tumblr blog that collects submission of fanfiction reviews. The blog is mostly inactive, due to mod loss, but remains up in a semi-archived manner.[1] The blog offers a template for formatting reviews. Before activity on the blog started to taper off, Marvel FanFiction Review offered weekly round-ups of fic recs and a call for Holiday themed fanfiction recommendations in December 2017.

The byline reads:

"Reviews for fans, by fans, about fanfic"

Review Style Manual

"Please include the following information in your fic review

Title: (You can put this in the title of the blog post)

Author: (link to A03 author account or tumblr blog name)

Link: (on Ao3 | Tumblr | ffn | other)

Ship: (what ship, ship name and or character x character)

Rating: (general | teen and up | Mature | Explicit) for explicit fics, please do not include quotes that have explicit material in them, we want to keep our blog friendly for everyone!

Major Tags: use your (or the author’s) discretion. Major character death, non-con/rape, explicit sexual content, MUST BE TAGGED

Summary: use your own, or the authors

Review’s name: (You can review anon, but please give us something to call you by, especially if you intend to submit multiple reviews)

Your review should be at least two or three paragraphs. You can include quotes, but nothing sexually explicit, please. You can mention problematic elements to the fic, but keep this as a helpful review. Our ideas and goals are to promote fic we love, not to hurt anyone’s feelings. If you’re going to say something negative “This fic would have greatly benefited by spellcheck” make sure you say at least 2 nice things. Overly negative reviews will not be published."[2]

Popular Posts

"At a quick glance, the Marvel fandom is huge; over 300,000 fics on A03 alone! It can be really hard to navigate something that big, even if you’re narrowing it down to one or two favorite ‘ships. Rec lists help, but sometimes even those lists can seem overwhelming. We can help you! And you can help us!"


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