Malory Towers

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Name: Malory Towers
Abbreviation(s): MT
Creator: Enid Blyton
Date(s): 1946-1951
Medium: books
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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Malory Towers is a series of girls' boarding school novels by popular children's writer Enid Blyton. It follows the adventures of Darrell Rivers from her first term at Cornish boarding school Malory Towers until her final term as Head Girl of the school, each book covering a single term of a school year. It shares several themes in common with Blyton's series St Clare's.


While the books have been around since the 1940s, the Malory Towers fandom first emerged in 2002. The fandom is very heavily centred around femslash, with a number of gen, usually friendship-focussed stories. Given the almost all-female cast, het and slash are almost unknown.

Fanworks include fanfiction, fanart and roleplaying.

It remains one of the most frequently posted fandoms on the Livejournal community saffic and is also a traditional Yuletide fandom.


The dominant fandom pairings are Bill (Wilhelmina)/Clarissa, Sally/Darrell (sometimes unrequited) and Betty/Alicia, although many pairings among the girls have been written, as well as some stories focussing on relationships among the adult teachers. Teacher/student fic is virtually unknown and is generally frowned on by the fandom.

The Bill/Clarissa pairing is notable as being such a dominant pairing that it frequently features as a minor subpairing even in other pairing fic, discovery of the relationship often used to make other characters confront their own lesbian tendencies and feelings toward other girls, to the extent that this is a distinct trope of the fandom.