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Name: MDs
Date(s): Sept. 25, 2002 - Dec. 11, 2002
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: USA
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MDs was a short-lived TV show that ran on ABC in fall 2002; it was cancelled after airing eight episodes, and the remaining three have never been shown. MDs starred William Fichtner as Dr. Bruce Kellerman and John Hannah as Dr. Robert Dalgety. It strove for a M*A*S*H-like feel as the two doctors battled uncaring bureaucracy and evil insurance companies, difficult medical situations, their own personal lives, and pretty much everyone who wasn't on their side.

It was by no means a well-written show, but the large cast, which also included Jane Lynch as a rigid head nurse and Michaela Conlin (who went on to star in Bones), made the most of the cliched scripts. It did feature excellent production values and cinematography, and the setting, a San Francisco hospital, was well-used by the producers, who featured at least one rooftop chat between the two leads per episode, the city spread out behind them.

MDs Fandom

There is basically almost no real fandom for the series. Because source has never been widely available either through file-sharing networks or fannish trade, nor has it been released on DVD or re-aired on cable through syndication, the series is basically unknown to most people. Some fans have the eight aired episodes, but it is not widely offered around.

The series began with Kellerman and Dalgety meeting cute and then bonding instantly, so what little interest there is is often centered around slash for the two doctors. The pair also showered together in the second episode, which further fueled the slash fire, and each episode seemed to feature at least one close heart-to-heart talk between the two of them, often for no apparent reason other than that the show wanted them to have that.

The series did start to hint at a possible traditionally het relationship between Kellerman and the brittle Dr. Quinn (played by Aunjanue Ellis), but there's no way to know where it would have gone, though it did develop an interest for het fans.

The fandom was finally nominated for inclusion in Yuletide in 2008.