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Name: M.S. Murdock
Alias(es): Melinda Murdock
Type: fan artist, fan writer, pro writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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M.S. Murdock is a fan artist and fan writer and the author of the Star Trek: TOS pro book Web of the Romulans.

Fandom History

M.S. Murdock initially fell in love with Star Trek in 1969, when she caught part of an episode on TV, but did not know what show it was. Years later, she rediscovered it when it was rebroadcast, and was able to see the series from the beginning.

It's hard to realize now, but back in the 1970s the only Star Trek available was what had already been. With only a few channels to choose from, a fan was incredibly lucky to be able to see the series at all once it was canceled. The hunger for Star Trek was immense, and it spawned the fan network we take for granted today. From the very beginning, there was something about the series that encouraged creativity. People drew the characters and the hardware and invented their own characters and hardware. They wrote stories and poems and music. They recreated and designed costumes—all to be able to enjoy the world of Star Trek. Like many others, I was involved in a fanzine; a one-shot wonder called Dilithium Crystals. I wrote a story for that fanzine based upon the idea of what it would be like if the Enterprise's computer fell in love with Captain Kirk—after all, everyone and everything else had fallen in love with him. We published the fanzine and I thought that was the last of it. However, there came a time when, through the fan network, I knew that Pocket Books was actually taking manuscripts from unsolicited authors for new Star Trek novels. It occurred to me my story might make a fair novel if I made the original funny idea the complication in a more serious story.

The novel became Web of the Romulans, based on her 1979 fanfic "My Own True Love". She submitted a manuscript for the novel (originally titled We Who Are About to Die), and did not hear back from the publisher for almost three years, at which time she was asked to expand it. The novel was then purchased and published in June 1983. It was Murdock's first pro novel.

See the section on Web of the Romulans in the 2006 book Voyages of Imagination for more.[1]


M.S. Murdock's fanfiction includes:

Fan Art

M.S. Murdock contributed fan art to the fanzines Berengaria and Interstat from the late 1970s through 1980s, including cover art for fourteen issues of Interstat.

Sample Art


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