Lovers (X-Files novel)

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Title: Lovers
Author(s): torch
Date(s): 1997
Length: 130,000 words.
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Lovers (The Flambeau Factory)
fanfic cover by Jo B.

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Lovers is a Mulder/Krycek X-Files novel by torch. It's the sequel to Ghosts and rated NC17. Both parts together in addition to a few snippets in the same universe are The North-West Passage series.

Summary: A former colleague of Mulder's asks for help with a serial killer. Mulder and Scully arrive in San Francisco to find that they aren't the only ones to take a special interest in this case.

Recs and Reviews

"Ghosts and it's sequel Lovers are like the proverbial X-files M/K fanfic. If you haven't read it, then you are seriously missing something. It is obligatory to rec this story just in case some newbies have yet to discover it. It is one not to be missed. It is angsty, sexy, and defines everything that is the M/K fandom. I'm done singing it's praises for the moment. You may have noticed that many of the stories I rec I have a hard time just summarizing what they are about. I usually describe how they make me feel or the essence of what I got they were trying to say. This is another one of those difficult to summarize stories. Just saying it is about this or that would be too simple. It is complex and rich in that way that just draws you in. Torch is a wonderful writer who weaves a fabulous tale centered around the boys. Whether new to the fandom or maybe you just haven't gotten around to reading this yet it is a must read. A fabulous story with an intriguing plot and definitely plenty of love, longing, and angst to satisfy any M/K fan. Go on now, shoo read torch's fics. I insist."[1]


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