Lover's Walk

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Title: Lover's Walk
Publisher: Vision Quest Press
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Language: English
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Lover's Walk is a 55-page Buffy the Vampire Slayer slash anthology. The cover art is by Shanti.


  • Ever Decreasing Circles by Rune (Spike/Xander) (1)
  • Vegas Odds by The Brat Queen (Angel/Wesley) (11)
  • The Story of a Ring by Margeaux van Gogh (Spike/Xander) (20)
  • The Plan by Voracity (Spike/Xander) (35)
  • Falling from My Lips by Claire (Spike/Xander) (46)

Reactions and Reviews

There is a zine out there called "Lover's Walk". There is a story of mine in there. It's an Angel/Wes, previously unpublished story that I wrote a few years ago. I submitted the story, got immediate feedback from the person putting the zine together and then didn't hear from them for over a year, even though I wrote a few times to try to find out what the status was. I then heard from them out of the blue saying they were doing the zine at last and could I give my address for my trib copy. I said sure, sent my address along and then never heard from them again. I also never got my trib copy. Since then I've heard scattered reports of this zine appearing, Elvis-like, at various locations. The worst of which was on an Agent With Style table so I would like to make it clear that no, I did not publish anything with AWS and I probably wouldn't have submitted the story in the first place if I'd known it would end up there. I don't know if the original zine publisher had a deal with her or if it was just a random copy that AWS got ahold of though. I have to admit I'm slightly bitter about the whole thing and not inclined to recommend the zine to anybody since I'm not overly fond of encouraging zine publishers who take stories but don't fulfill their end of the deal. I mean it's not even the free zine itself - I'd have paid if I had to - but the lack of communication is a little lame if you ask me. Who knows? Maybe my emails all got lost or something. It could happen. And because of that possibility I haven't backed out of my end of the deal, which is to not post the story on the net for at least a year after the zine's publication. But beyond that that's all I can tell you. Yes it's a story of mine, yes you haven't read it yet and no, I don't know that I can say you're going to get anywhere if you try to buy it. (Or at least buy it from the publisher directly. I don't want to cast aspersions on anybody out there who is simply selling or agenting the zine. That's a separate issue.) More than that I couldn't say. And hey - if anybody out there can actually get in touch with the publisher and ask what happened to my trib copy, more power to you. =) [1]


  1. ^ comment by The Brat Queen On zines and such, September 7, 2003