Love Through the Years

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Name: Love Through the Years
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Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: - 2010 archive
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Love Through the Years was a Janeway/Chakotay fanfiction contest, ran by Emily.


Secrets & Lies contest

Fluff contest

  • First Place: Roses are Red - By Dakota
  • Second Place: Grey - By Kim

January-April 2003: Omega 13 contest

  • First place: Indulging Kathryn - By KJ
  • Second place: Thirteen Seconds - By Spiletta42
  • Third Place: The Choices We Make - By Sheri

March-May 2003: "Die, Seven, Die" contest

Crossover contest

Flora and Fauna contest

From the Perspective of Others contest

Hair contest

Haven't We Met Before? contest

Unimatrix Zero contest