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Name: ELG
Alias(es): Lori Grey, Elorin Leighton Grey, Circe
Type: writer
Fandoms: Stargate: SG1, Lord of the Rings, West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Without a Trace
URL: LJ; Dth; on Bunnyfic as ELG; on Bunnyfic (as Circe)
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ELG mostly writes gen in various fandoms and Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson slash in Stargate: SG1. Circe seems to be the name she generally uses for zine publication.

Many of her stories are novella or novel length.

She has co-written a number of Stargate: SG1 stories with Brenda A. (see Brenda & ELG.)

Her original novels The Charndras have covers by Suzan Lovett.

Notable Works


Strange Interlude (Stargate SG1):

  • 2004 FanQ Winner Best Stargate Slash Standalone Zine
  • 2004 Screwz Winner Best Stargate Slash Novel

Just Good Friends (Stargate SG1):

Awakenings (with Brenda A.) (Stargate SG1):

  • 2003 Stargate Fan Awards Best Slash Action/Adventure.

Into the Labyrinth (Stargate SG1):

2001 Stargate Fan Awards Best Gen Author in 2001