Locusts.. and wild honey

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Title: Locusts.. and wild honey
Publisher: Village Press
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Locusts.. and wild honey is a slash 131-page Star Trek: TOS anthology. It was published in the UK.

The art is by Ann Humphrey and Caryl Sibbett.

  • Alpha Carinae V, poem by Eva Stuart
  • The Test - Eva Stuart ("Lt. Kirk, this is Lt. Spock, you'll be sharing quarters for this part of the course." The Personnel Officer registered a tick on her comblock and smiled as though she'd done something clever. Kirk's thanks were brief and dismissive as he came forward, gave a polished salute and said, "Your presence honours me," in fluent Vulcan." Eva leaves her usual universe for a story of the Beginning. How exactly did Kirk pass Kobayashi Maru?) (1)
  • The Gift, poem by Eva Stuart (previously in Duet) (36)
  • Tangled Skein by Eva Stuart (Prequel: The Student. Sequel: The Resolution. "He stopped and regarded Spock gravely. "Have you spoken of our … very distant past to your Captain?" So gently concerned a question rendered retreat impossible. "He knows of it." "But now while you have been here?" Sellin countered swiftly. "No." Sellin made an odd sound in his throat; his eyes danced. "Then don't you think, my very Vulcan cousin, that you should?" The planet Gaia is home to a colony of New Vulcans, who have rejected emotional repression. Now the Federation, for devious political reasons, wants them to become members. Captain and First Officer are despatched as persuaders, bringing Spock face to face with a lover from long ago.) (37)
  • For Spock by Kate Daniels (Prequel: Jim's Little Secret. Sequel: He's Got a Little List. "Do you mean there's never been an opening in the promotion ladder that would have advanced the two of you together?" "Not to my knowledge," replied Kirk, lying and finding it hard to meet that challenging azure gaze. "Bullshit! And you know it! You could be a Commodore at least, an Admiral again. By now you could be making Starfleet policy. Instead of that, you're sailing around in this god-forsaken quadrant … mapping stars." Jim and Spock ponder their future.) (65)
  • Genesis, and After, poem by Ellen L. Kobrin (76)
  • To Cease Upon the Midnight by Vivienne Rivers (Three months after Spockʼs death Kirk realizes that although they were never technically lovers, he and Spock were bonded and now the death bond is calling him to Spock.) (77)
  • Never the Twain by Ray Owen ("Kor's eyes gleamed again and grew suddenly thoughtful: "That's not a bad idea - do away with them altogether. If the results could be guaranteed, we could breed them out in a couple of generations." He gripped Kirk's knee rather painfully. "You understand how we feel about women. You always have. A man needs a man - someone who will put up a fight. With a woman there's no battle in it - no glory! They crush too easily. But you know all that - you and your Vulcan." He grinned reminiscently … "Just to you, Kirk - man to man - I'll admit that I made a mistake about you two back there on Organia. You especially, in your little yellow petticoats! But it was a good trick while it lasted. You let me think you were soft, the pair of you. Then you made out it was you who were the tough one - the one I should concentrate on - just to keep my attention from your Vulcan. Kevas and Trillium! By the balls of Gogdrenzil, he made no more of our mindsifter than we make of your Federation codes. He gives you pretty battles, I'll lay my bedknife - very pretty battles...") (93)
  • Passage of Poetry by Jane L. Coulson (130)
  • Vulcan Justice? by Janette Burton (131)

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[zine]: From the editor of THE VOICE, comes 132 pages of poetry, vignettes and stories. In each prose selection, Kirk and Spock are strong, well-defined and recognizable characters who deal both with personal problems and those of the Federation. There are neither mirror universe nor slavery stories. The zine includes a mixture of relationships for Kirk & Spock: a first time, an only time, established, and "never got that far". In order of appearance: [see each story for her comments] [1]


  1. from Not Tonight, Spock! #3