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Below is a list of popular The Sims challenges that fans often participate in various ways, such as posting it on LiveJournal, various forums, blogs such as Wordpress or BlogSpot, and Tumblr.

Legacy Challenge

The first major TS challenge is the Legacy Challenge, which first appeared in the TS2 and created by fan Pinstar; the challenge was later adapted for TS3 and will be for TS4 as well. Due to the popularity of it, many different adaptions were created with a few twists but usually follow the main rules in the Legacy Challenge.

The Legacy Challenge is a challenge that takes place over ten generations of Sims, where you get points for every rule you follow and subtract points when you don't. You start with a founder, who will start your family and is actually the only Sim that you can directly edit their personality and looks. Everyone else will be married into or born, with only a few chances at choosing their personality traits.

Alphabet Challenge

The Alphabet Challenge takes the Legacy rules and adds the twist of alphabetical order of children names for 26 generations, or you have to have 26 children in one generation before your Sim dies.

Disney Challenge

The Disney Challenge takes the Legacy rules and twists it with the Disney Fandoms, starting with Cinderella and continuing with Mulan, Toy Story, The Fox and the Hound, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas, Beauty and the Beast, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Bonus ending is to continue on with Peter Pan. There are also a few other options so to mix and match or add to your generations list: Pocahontas, Marry Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Alice In Wonderland, and The Princess and the Frog. An example of what you could do is located here.

Rainbow Challenge

The Rainbow Challenge takes the Legacy rules and adds the twist of colors to it. Each generation has to represent a color which must be clear to see, such as one generation would be blue, the next pink, etc.

Random Legacy Challenge

Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge is another challenge created by Pinstar for TS2, where you have to image the world had ended and your Sims have to save the town. However, your Sims are extremely limited due to the various restrictions that you have to overcome.

Black Widow Challenge

The Black Widow challenge was originally created by discordkitty for TS2 and later adapted for TS3 by LampreM, where the goal is to have your Sim be like a black widow, marry a Sim and then kill them after you get another Sim moved in to marry. Repeat until your Black Widow dies.

Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge, also known as the Poverty Challenge, is a challenge created by yinakori. Although the challenge can be short and you deal with only one Sim (unless that Sim has a baby), it can also be difficult because you are limited very much in what you can do since you Sim has to act "homeless". You complete the challenge if you can reach $20,000.

A notable completed example of this challenge is the story of Alice and Kev created by Robin Burkinshaw, the response was so great that Burkinshaw promotes charities that support homeless people[1].