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This page lists ship names/portmanteaus for the television show Supernatural.


Ship Name Ship
Abaddean Abaddon/Dean Winchester
Billen Bill Harvelle/Ellen Harvelle
Bobrvelle Bobby Singer/Ellen Harvelle
Casanna Castiel/Anna
Chestervelle Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle
Deanna Dean Winchester/Anna Milton
Donna Hanscum/Dean Winchester
Dela Dean Winchester/Bela Talbot
Dlaire Dean Winchester/Claire Novak
? Dean Winchester/Cassie Robinson
? Dean Winchester/Jessica Moore
? Dean Winchester/Lisa Braeden
Duby Dean Winchester/Ruby
? John Winchester/Mary Winchester
Hanstiel Castiel/Hannah
Kalbriel Kali/Gabriel
Macifer Mary Winchester/Lucifer
Megriel Meg Masters/Gabriel
Megstiel Castiel/Meg Masters
Rocifer Rowena Macleod/Lucifer
Saileen Sam Winchester/Eileen Leahy
Sam Winchester/Rowena Macleod
Samelia Sam Winchester/Amelia Richardson
Sela Sam Winchester/Bela Talbot
Samjess Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore
Suby Sam Winchester/Ruby
Samrah Sam Winchester/Sarah Blake
? Sam Winchester/Meg Masters
Winchambers Dean Winchester/Krissy Chambers


Ship Name Ship
Adamiriel Adam Milligan/Samandiriel
Balthean Balthazar/Dean Winchester
Calthazar Balthazar/Castiel
Casifer Castiel/Lucifer
Chuckean Chuck Shurley/Dean Winchester
Chuckam Chuck Shurley/Sam Winchester
Crobby Bobby Singer/Crowley
Crowstiel Castiel/Crowley
Daddycest Dean Winchester/John Winchester
Daddycest John Winchester/Sam Winchester
Dash Dean Winchester/Ash
Deanifer Dean Winchester/Lucifer
Dean Winchester/Death
Deathifer Death/Lucifer
Debriel Dean Winchester/Gabriel
Denny Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester
Destair Alastair/Dean Winchester
Destiel Castiel/Dean Winchester
Crowley/Dean Winchester
Godeath Death/God
Midam Adam Milligan/Michael
Michean Dean Winchester/Michael
Michifer Lucifer/Michael
Moosely Sam Winchester/Crowley
Sabriel Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Salthazar Balthazar/Sam Winchester
Sameath Death/Sam Winchester
Samifer Lucifer/Sam Winchester
Samchael Michael/Sam Winchester
Samuck Chuck Shurley/Sam Winchester
Castiel/Sam Winchester
Sevin Kevin Tran/Sam Winchester
Swesson Dean Smith/Sam Wesson
Wee!cest underage Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester - (gen version is weechesters)
Wincest Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester


Ship Name Ship
? Abaddon/Rowena MacLeod
? Abaddon/Meg Masters
? Abaddon/Bela Talbot
? Alex Jones/Claire Novak
Annaby Anna Milton/Ruby
? Anna Milton/Mary Campbell
? Ava Wilson/Ruby
? Ava Wilson/Anna Milton
? Bela Talbot/Anael
? Bela Talbot/Sarah Blake
? Billie/Tessa
? Cassie Robinson/Lisa Braeden
Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum
Fairy Hunter Charlie Bradbury/Gilda
Charlena Charlie Bradbury/Rowena
Charmela Charlie Bradbury/Pamela
Charvelle Charlie Bradbury/Jo Harvelle
? Charlie Bradbury/Hannah
? Claire Novak/Hael
Dreamhunter Claire Novak/Kaia
Sheriff Wives
Donna Hanscum/Jody Mills
? Emma Winchester/Claire Novak
Joannael Jo Harvelle/Anna Milton
? Jo Harvelle/Tracy Bell
? Jody Mills/Mary Winchester
? Josephine Barnes/Krissy Chambers
? Mary Winchester/Linda Tran
? Ruby/Lilith


Ship Name Ship
Angelcest Any angel with any other angel
Holy Hell Angel/Demon (originally referred only to Meg/Castiel, but changed over time)

OT3 (m/m/m)

Ship Name Ship
Daddycest Dean Winchester/John Winchester/Sam Winchester
Debriestiel Castiel/Gabriel/Dean Winchester
Destiny Castiel/Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester
Micheanifer Dean Winchester/Lucifer/Michael
Sabrifer Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam Winchester
Salthabriel Balthazar/Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Samicasifer Castiel/Lucifer/Sam Winchester
Sastriel Castiel/Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Team Free Will Castiel/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester (also platonic)
Team Purgatory Castiel/Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester
Wincestiel Castiel/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Wincestigan Adam Milligan/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester

OT3 (m/m/f)

Ship Name Ship
Seanicca Dean Winchester/Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester
? Sam Winchester/Castiel/Eileen Leahy

OT+ (slash)

Ship Name Ship
Team Free Love Castiel/Gabriel/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester (also platonic)


Ship Name Ship
Cockles Misha Collins/Jensen Ackles
J2, Padackles Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Mishalecki Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki
J2M Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins
J3 Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jared Padalecki
R2 Rob Benedict/Richard Speight Jr.
Speightalecki Jared Padalecki/Richard Speight Jr.