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Title: Letter from MZB (sometimes "A Letter from MZB")
Creator: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): August 1976-September 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Darkover
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Letter from MZB was a regular feature by Marion Zimmer Bradley in Darkover Newsletters.

The letters were an opportunity for Marion Zimmer Bradley to address her fans. They were usually lengthy, chatty essays that were a combination of personal goings-on and promotions of her books and fandom. They functioned then as today's blog posts by professional writers.

Bradley addressed fans and had frequent comments in nearly everyone of the 68 newsletters, but "A Letter from MZB" was a formal feature.

The first one appeared in issue #2 (August 1976), and was titled "A Letter from Marion Zimmer Bradley" March 1978, after that they became "Letter from MZB," or less often, "A Letter from MZB." Issues that don't have "Letter from MZB" are #1, #3, #4, #5, #9/10, #11, #23, #27, #53. The letters ceased in September 1995 in response to the Marion Zimmer Bradley Fanfiction Controversy and the cessation of the newsletter.

It is possible that letters written after 1989, when Bradley suffered a major stroke, were penned (at least partially) by Elisabeth Waters or other ghostwriters, as was some of Bradley's fiction.

Some Examples