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Synonyms: Atlantis (the city),

Ancient inhabitants of the city (in canon),

members of the Atlantis expedition and/or present inhabitants of the city (in fanon)
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Lantea is the name used for Atlantis (the city), or alternately the planet upon which the city is first located (when the expedition arrives[1]) in the Pegasus Galaxy.

The inhabitants of Atlantis -- both past (the Ancients, in canon and fanon) and present (the Stargate Atlantis expedition members, in fanon) -- are frequently described as Lanteans as well[2] [3], especially in Atlantis-goes-independent fic.[4] [5]

Some Examples of Lantea in Fanworks

  • Written by the Victors by speranza. Classic Atlantis-goes-independent fic in which both Earth historians and former members of the expedition who have become citizens of the independent city-state refer to it as Lantea.



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