Kwa Heri, Hadiya

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Kwa Heri, Hadiya
Author(s): Trinette Kern
Date(s): 1977
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Kwa Heri, Hadiya is a gen Star Trek: TOS story by Trinette Kern.

art in The Other Side of Paradise #2 for this story by Leslie Fish

It was published in The Other Side of Paradise #2.

Reactions and Reviews

Lt. Uhura is visiting her dying daughter on Earth, who just happens to be part Vulcan, or more specifically, part Spock. If you can accept Spock and Uhura getting together, and if you can accept the idea it is physically possible for Uhura to carry a Vulcan baby to full-term, then the story is a moving, poignant tale. It does slip into the suds as Spock and Uhura attempt, in vain, to save the fatally ill child, and the ending is a little too much. The who premise, though it may be hard to swallow, works enough to make the story enjoyable. [1]
Trinette Kern's story has her hallmarks: one of the most readable styles in fandom, and pain. This time it is Spock and Uhura she's getting. Unfortunately, to set up the circumstances for 'Kwa Heri, Hadiya.' she completely distorts the character of Uhura -- not to mention Spock! [2]
This is the story of Hadiya, Uhura's child by Spock, who (Hadiya) has contracted a blood disease and will die if she doesn't receive transfusions. Spock is the only one with the right type of blood and doesn't even know of the child's existance. Uhura is faced with telling Spock the truth and jepardizing Kirk and his friendship or letting her child die, which will probably happen anyway. The story is well-paced and believably handled, but Uhura's reaction to the inevitable end is less than human. [3]
"Kwa Heri, Hadiya" (no, I do not know Swahili) by Trinette Kern is a Uhura/Spock story which is rather hard to fully believe in, but it is touching nevertheless. [4]


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