Krissy Chambers

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Name: Krissy Chambers
Occupation: Hunter
Location: Conway Springs, Kansas
Status: Alive
Relationships: Lee Chambers (father), Dean Winchester (friend/ally), Sam Winchester (friend/ally), Josephine Barnes (friend/roommate), Aiden (friend/roommate), Bobby Singer (fellow hunter)
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: Played by Madison McLaughlin
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Krissy Chambers is one of the recurring guests on the television series Supernatural.


She first appears in Season 7 episode Adventures in Babysitting and again in Season 8 Freaks and Geeks.

Krissy tries to contacts Bobby Singer, however since he's dead Sam Winchester answers her phone call and decides to help Krissy find her father. She plays dumb on the fact that her father is a hunter to Sam. Later after Sam doesn't return after looking for her father, she calls Dean Winchester. They bond throughout the episode, Dean helping her and her father get out of the Hunter business.

In Krissy's second appearance, it's revealed that her father was killed on a hunt and she's taken up hunting with two other teens (Aiden and Josephine). While on the same case, Dean and Sam catch up with Krissy.


The fandom behind Krissy is relatively small compared to other characters in Supernatural, and the views on her were initially mixed. Some disliked her (fan hate was common to find), and others really liked what she brought to Supernatural and to Dean. Krissy fandom is mostly on Tumblr along with AO3, with a few fics based about her on FFN.

Pairing-wise, Dean/Krissy is the popular pairing, as is the gen version Dean & Krissy. Aiden/Krissy also appears as well as Krissy/Sam. A popular Femslash pairing has Krissy paired with Claire Novak.

Common Tropes and Themes

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  • Dean/Castiel & Krissy is becoming fairly common occurrence in fics. Krissy is usually adopted or being raised by Dean & Castiel together. Another is where Krissy becomes the reason how Dean & Castiel met each other (example Not an Easy Man to Love).


  • Winchambers, fanon pairing name for Krissy with Dean.







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