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Pairing: Dean Winchester/Krissy Chambers
Alternative name(s): Winchambers
Gender category: Het, M/f
Fandom: Supernatural
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: rare
Archives: Krissy/Dean (AO3)
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Dean/Krissy is a non-canon pairing of Krissy Chambers and Dean Winchester in the Supernatural fandom.


On the show, they first meet in Season 7 episode Adventures in Babysitting after Krissy calls Dean (because Sam disappeared on her like her father had), and they bond throughout the episode. Dean ends up helping her and her father get out of the Hunter business (or so he thought). He later meets up with her in Season 8 Freaks and Geeks on a hunt. Dean helps her and her friends realize that her "mentor" Victor was tricking them. Dean accepts Krissy's decision to stay there with her friends instead of taking her to her aunt's.

On the show it's suggested that they have a father-daughter (or maybe a brother-sister) vibe or a bro one, due to the fact at how similar the two characters are and interact.


While the fandom behind this pairing is relatively small compared to other Supernatural pairings, it still has a following to it. The fandom is mainly on Tumblr with a few stories on AO3 and a couple at FFN. There doesn't seem to be much on LJ for the pairing. The pairing has received a lot mixed feelings, either you liked it or you hated it. There was even some hate-related comments for it and for Krissy.[1][2]

Fics dealing with the pairing usually set slightly in the future so that Krissy is at least 18. PWP is the most common theme to the stories, sometimes with Sam catching them in the act.

"There is so much potential in [Krissy] to be the next greatest hunter, just like Dean. He can teach her so much, steady her and guide her, show her how to not make his same mistakes.
At the same time it’s a relationship where she can have his back in return. I will never forget the no one can help you/well I guess I’ll just have to help myself. That was the sexiest thing ever and I feel so dirty because she wasn’t even fucking legal yet."[3]






Most vids about Dean/Krissy on Youtube are the actual scenes from Supernatural.


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