Spock's Arthropods

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Spock's Arthropods (Krait-Spock's Anthropods)
Author(s): Jan Snyder, Signe Landon, Amy Falkowitz, Eileen Roy, Bev Clark, Joe Alletto and Paula Evans
Date(s): April 1976 ("7604.23-7605.06")
Genre: satire, parody
Fandom: Star Trek
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Spock's Arthropods is a 14-page parody of the Star Trek Kraith universe written by a group of Star Trek fans and mailed to US fans in June 1976.

From the first page:
"The following is a joint.....is a production of the Tolemac Antiquities Foundation, the Plak-tow Press, The Emerald Empire Press, The Purple Dragon Press, and.....and.....Doppelganger Enterprises....collectively known as The Collective Katydid Karma Company."

In the upper left corner the story was numbered "KRAITH #-00" in reference to the Kraith series byzantine numbering scheme.

From Boldly Writing: "Eileen Roy and Signe Landon got an idea for a parody of Kraith, and with the help of other fans put together a small (13 paged) photocopied booklet called Krait—Spock's Anthropods. As a take-off on Kraith's numbering system (examples: IIa, IIIb), the number of this installment was the symbol for infinity."