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Name: Kokoro Tsurumaki
弦巻 こころ Tsurumaki Kokoro
Occupation: Musician/Schoolgirl
Relationships: Kaoru Seta (bandmate), Hagumi Kitazawa (bandmate), Misaki Okusawa (bandmate/climbing frame), Kanon Matsubara (bandmate)
Fandom: BanG Dream!
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Kokoro is a main character in the video game BanG Dream!, as well as the anime of the same name.


Providing 98% of Harohapi’s energy and 2% of the brain power, Kokoro is the army of puppies needed to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces. Her combination of impulsiveness and rich parents can often prove dangerous, with her ‘acquiring’ fancy yachts and giant plush animals ‘just because’. She may have the attention span of a toaster, but Kokoro will do everything in her power to brighten someone’s day. After all, Harohapi’s motto is to make the world smile.


Kokoro is commonly shipped with any of her other band members, however Kaoru is the least likely pairing among inter-band shipping. Outside of Harohapi, Kokoro is occasionally shipped with other singers, most notably Kasumi Toyama due to the pair sharing a mental wavelength.


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