Kanon Matsubara

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Name: Kanon Matsubara
松原 花音 Matsubara Kanon
Occupation: Musician/Schoolgirl
Relationships: Kokoro Tsurumaki (bandmate), Hagumi Kitazawa (bandmate), Misaki Okusawa (bandmate), Kaoru Seta (bandmate), Chisato Shirasagi (friend)
Fandom: BanG Dream!
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Kanon is a main character in the video game BanG Dream!, as well as the anime of the same name.


Shy and girly yet determined, Kanon is Misaki’s emotional support during times of bear related crisis. As the only member of Harohapi (other than Misaki) to realise that Michelle the bear is actually just a costume, it can be inferred that she at least has a brain. Contrastingly, Kanon hates water but loves everything that lives in it, especially jellyfish and penguins.


Kanon is actively shipped with any (or all) of the other members of Harohapi, partly due to being a fan favourite but also due to compatibility. It is implied that she has a crush on Kaoru, while she supports Misaki (as mentioned above), Hagumi saves her from getting lost frequently, and she simply can’t say no to Kokoro’s energy. Outside of Harohapi pairings, Kanon is only really shipped with close friend Chisato Shirasagi.


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