Chisato Shirasagi

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Name: Chisato Shirasagi
白鷺 千聖 Shirasagi Chisato
Occupation: Musician/Schoolgirl/Actress
Relationships: Eve Wakamiya (bandmate), Hina Hikawa (bandmate), Maya Yamato (bandmate), Aya Maruyama (bandmate), Kaoru Seta (childhood friend), Kanon Matsubara (friend)
Fandom: BanG Dream!
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Chisato is a main character in the video game BanG Dream!, as well as the anime of the same name.


Chisato’s distant and aloof nature stems from her experiences as an actress, learning to block out unwanted stimuli. This trait does however bleed into her personal life however, where people she considers friends sometimes receive the same treatment.


Chisato is most often shipped with either Kaoru Seta or Kanon Matsubara, due to her knowing them both personally (even if she is not fond of Kaoru). Ships with other members of Pasupa exist, but are not nearly as common.


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